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  • Black metals: What you need to know

    The precious metals market in Canada is a crowded one.There are several types of precious metals on the market, including gold, silver, platinum and palladium.The metal markets have been growing rapidly in recent years.In 2014, Canada became the world’s fourth largest producer of precious metal ore.There’s a lot of money in it and, at the […]

  • How to find gold, silver and rare earths in the New South Wales mine: a guide

    A few months ago, a miner named Chris Whelan went out to the South Western Goldfield to explore the prospect of extracting the metal from an ancient mine.He found himself in a mine that had been abandoned for years, and in which precious metals had been extracted from a well over 100 years before.The mine […]

  • How to get a diamond at a fraction of the cost

    It seems that diamonds are the only thing that we can buy for less than $5,000.In India, it is the diamond that is considered a luxury item.This article explores how to buy a diamond for less and save some money.We are going to take a look at how to get the best price for diamonds […]

  • A look at the precious metals that are in play in the global financial crisis

    A look back at some of the most significant developments in financial markets this past week: The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) was up nearly 5% in early afternoon trading as investors awaited a possible US Federal Reserve meeting, with the benchmark index climbing above 19,000. The dollar fell against a basket of currencies including the Japanese […]

  • How to estimate precious metals prices

    What is the price of gold?When is the best time to buy gold?You can use our precious metals calculator to help you answer these questions.What is the gold price?There are two types of gold.There are gold-backed securities, which have a higher price and are usually backed by gold, and precious metals.There is gold as a […]

  • Goldman Sachs to invest $400m in precious metals company

    Goldman Sachs will invest $4 billion in a new precious metals hedge fund, it was announced Monday.The investment, which the firm said would be part of a broader $4.3 billion effort to hedge against the global financial crisis, is a departure from its usual investment strategy of backing other companies.Goldman Sachs said the hedge fund […]

  • Which is the most precious metal in Brooklyn?

    NEW YORK (AP) For most of its existence, Brooklyn was a city of skyscrapers and factories.Today, that has changed.As part of a series called “What Makes Brooklyn Unique,” The Associated Press is profiling the most valuable metals in the city and how they compare with other major U.S. cities.The article also explores the economic impact […]

  • How to shop for diamonds in the world’s most precious metals

    The world’s best gold is a scarce commodity, but how much of the world can you really afford to spend on it?That’s what this week’s episode of the new podcast, The Best of Pandora explores.The podcast’s host, Pandora Holmes, explains what it takes to be an expert in precious metals and the ways they can […]

  • How to Find the Best Jewelry for Your Buck in Brooklyn

    A jewelry store that caters to all tastes is out to get you.The Brooklyn, New York-based Brooklyn Diamonds sells a wide range of precious metals and jewelry that includes diamonds, rubies, rubens, sapphires, garnets, and more.The store offers discounts on all kinds of precious gems and jewelry for sale at its online store, Brooklyn Diamond […]


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