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Top 13 List of Best sun canister filter is unchangeable below

Finding the best budget sun canister filter is utterly important for them to gain fit. To incite you locate the right one, we analyzed the best-selling products on Amazon and other online retailers. We took into consideration several factors, which augment ease of use, durability, weight capacity, and how much way of being is user-friendly in your home.

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SunSun Hw302 265GPH Pro Canister Filter Kit, white - 9 Piece Set
  • HW-302 Pro Filtration Kit, Good for up to 75 gallon aquariums
  • Flow rate: 265 GPH (1000L/Hr)
  • Dimension: 9" L X 9" W X 15.5" H
  • Pro Kit Includes Canister Filter, 3 White Filter Pads and 3 Media Baskets
  • Includes 1lb of Premium Filter Carbon, 1lb of Ceramic Rings and 1 Set of Bio Balls
SunSun HW-302 3-Stage External Canister Filter, 264 GPH
  • Good for up to 75 gallon fish tanks
  • Dimension: 9" L X 9" W X 15.5" H
  • Flow rate: 265 GPH (1000L/hr.)
  • 3 Media trays capable of handling your choice of filtration media
SUN SunSun Plus Coarse Fine Filter Sponge Pad for SunSun HW303 Canister Filter Microsystems
  • Convenient 3 packs fine filter pad replacements
  • Includes 1pack coarse filter pad
  • Fits Sunsun HW303 and other re-branding canister filters
  • Dimension: 7.5 " (L) x 7.5 " (W) x 0.75 " (H)
  • Provides both mechanical and biological filtration
SunSun Sun HW-704B 525 GPH 5-Stage External Canister Filter with 9W Uv Sterilizer
  • 5 stages with 9W UV, 525GPH (2000Lph)
  • Good for up to 150 gallon fish tanks
  • Dimension: 12" L x 12" W x 18" H
  • Built in 9 watt UV sterilizer for controlling algae spores/bacteria and promoting clear water
  • 4 Large media baskets for all your media need
SunSun Tech'n'Toy HW-603B 106 GPH 3-Stage External Canister Filter
  • Good for up to 20 gallon fish tanks
  • Dimension: 6.5" L X 6.5" W X 11" H
  • Flow rate: 106 GPH (400L/hr.)
  • Pump Power: 6W
  • Includes filter pads, hoses and all parts to get started
SunSun Hw303B 370GPH Pro Canister Filter Kit with 9-watt UV Sterilizer
  • HW-303B Pro Filtration Kit, Good for up to 100 gallon aquariums
  • Flow rate: 370 GPH (1400L/Hr)
  • Dimension: 10.5" L X 10.5" W X 16" H
  • Pro Kit Includes Canister Filter w/9 Watt UV, 3 White Filter Pads, 1 Blue Coarse Pad, 3 Media Baskets
  • Includes 1lb of Premium Filter Carbon, 1lb of Ceramic Rings and 1 Set of Bio Balls
SunSun HW-404B 525 GPH 5-Stage External Canister Filter with 9W UV Sterilizer, White
  • Good for up to 150 gallon fish tanks
  • Dimension: 11" L x 11" W x 19" H
  • Flow rate: 525 GPH (2000L/hr)
  • Pump power: 55W
  • Built in 9 watt UV sterilizer for controlling algae spores/bacteria and promoting clear water
SunSun 6-Pack Plus 2 Coarse Fine Filter Pads for Aquatop CF400 and SunSun HW303 Canister Filters (6 Pack + 2)
  • Convenient 6pk fine filter pad replacements
  • Includes coarse filter pads 2pk
  • Fits Aquatop CF400 & Sunsun HW303 canister filters
SunSun Sun CBR Canister Filter Media Set
  • Removes and improves water clarity, color and odor
  • Porous ceramic rings provide ideal growing site for beneficial bacteria
  • Bio-balls promote gas exchange and increase dissolved oxygen levels
  • Activated carbons in mesh media bag, 40 pieces of 20mm bio balls
Original Replacement Accessories Kits for SUNSUN HW-303B/403B/703B Canister Filter
  • Kit includes: Whole inlet pipe, whole output pipe, 4 tube clamps, 4 suction cups
  • Quick shut off valve and 2 green hoses
  • Fit for SUNSUN HW-303B, 403B and 703B

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