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CICISPET Pet Recovery Collar - Soft Cone for Dogs and Cats Post Surgery & Long Term Use for Anxious Biting Licking - Adjustable Multi-Sizes - American Flags - Large
  • Protect your pet from itself in style with Cicispet Pet Recovery Collars! These cones are carefully designed to dogs and cats from biting, licking, or scratching vulnerable parts of their bodies. Perfect for short term use to aid in the healing of post-operative wounds, preserving stitches, or scratches from the occasional fight. Also a good option for long-term use, with pets with chronic hot spots, anxious licking or biting, and more!
  • AVAILABLE IN 4 SIZES for your pet's comfort. Make sure to choose the size that best fits your pet, so there isn't too much weight on their neck. **SMALL** (5 oz) fits most adult cats and small dogs, like terriers. **MEDIUM** (8 oz) fits smaller to medium dog breeds, like a bulldog. **LARGE** (10oz) will fit medium to large breeds, like Australian Shepherds or young Golden Retrievers. **X-LARGE** (12 oz) will fit largest dog breeds, like mastiffs and full grown Golden Retrievers.
  • COMFORTABLE & WON'T RESTRICT VISON/HEARING - These Elizabethan collars are designed to protect your furbabies without inhibiting them. They're just rigid and long enough to block them from aggravating wounds and sores, while not being too long to restrict hearing or block peripheral vision. The cones also have enough give that pets can sleep comfortably, without their heads and necks bent at unnatural angles.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Cicispet pet collars are fully washable. For best longevity, wash by hand with a mild detergent. Can be machine washed on a gentle cycle, in cold water to best preserve color. Will not shrink or warp if washed in warm water. Avoid using hot water. Allow to air dry flat before using again.
  • AVAILABLE IN 3 UNIQUE DESIGNS - Let your pet express themselves with three cute patterns! American Flag features little US flags layered on top of each other, billowing in the wind. Emojis showcase your dog's playful side, with classic yellow faces expressing, laughter, kisses, and smiling contentment. Gone to the Dogs feature a bevy of silly, happy pooches that are sure to make you smile. Each pattern comes in all 4 sizes.
Supet Inflatable Dog Cone Collar for Large Medium Small Dogs, Soft Cone Collar for Dogs Cats, E Collar Dog Neck Donut Dog Cone Alternative After Surgery
  • SCRATCH & BITE RESISTANT - This inflatable dog collar is a perfect dog cone alternative after surgery. Inflated dog neck donut works like a plump barrier around your canine's neck, can effectively prevent your pets from biting and licking injured area or surgical site. With this collar on, the unique and cute donut shape makes it like a pet ornament instead of a dog surgery collar, your pet must be a million times happier with this.
  • NON-STICK FABRIC - Unlike other common velvet dog inflatable recovery collar, the outside of this dog donut cone collar is made of upgraded non-stick fabric, then you won't have to keep cleaning pet's hair frequently. Also it is easy to clean if needed, just unzip to take off the outer cloth. Soft cone collar for dogs after surgery keeps your dog comfortable, can even act as a neck pillow which helps him/her fall asleep quickly and forget the pain of the wound.
  • STRESS FREE - We all know how pets hate the cumbersome cone, poor dogs and cats would keep tripping on it and could not get around. This inflatable cone collar for dogs WON'T let that happen, the inner air bag provides full support for the neck while keeping it lightweight. It does not block dog’s vision like traditional Elizabethan collar, which allows your doggie chase butterflys, hummers and grass hoppers all with wearing its collar.
  • ADJUSTABLE &PERFECT FIT - In case you are concerned of the dog recovery collar from slipping down or getting taken off, we designed a fixed position on the inner part of the ecollar dog collar surgery, just thread your pet's everyday collar through the strips to fix it. Furthermore, a velcro strap is equipped on the opening of the collar, which can allow you to adjust the the tightness to ensure a perfect neck fit.
  • WARM PROMPT - If your pet wants to escape when he/she put on the collar for the first time, we hope you can work with your dog to acclimate him/her. And due to differences in dog breeds, body sizes, and growing environments, this blow up dog cone collar may not be suitable for dogs with long noses, long legs, long tails, and long bodies. Any more questions, please feel free to contact us, we sincerely wish your pet a speedy recovery.
Soft Dog Cone Collar for Large Dogs for After Surgery - Inflatable Dog Neck Donut Collar - Elizabethan Collar for Dogs Recovery - Dog Cones Alternative - Protective Pet Cones for Dogs
  • ĐĐ”Đ°ling in comfort. This PRIMENS dog recovery collar is a dog cone alternative that would keep your pet from licking lnjurĐ”d areas. Our collar works like a barrier around your dog’s neck that would prevent them from scratching and biting places they shouldn’t. With this collar on, your pet won’t reach the lnjuriĐ”s in the leg, torso, or back area, so won’t be able to break stitches apart or introduce an lnfДсtiĐŸn into the wĐŸund. Ensure faster recovery of your pet with our inflatable collar.
  • This blow up dog cone collar is designed to be comfortable for the canine to ensure a smooth recovery. This inflatable dog collar will allow your canine to avoid the restriction of vision, movement, playing, eating, drinking, or sleeping during the hДаling period. This unit is not bulky, so your pet will have no difficulties fitting into smaller spaces like their crate. The cover is made of soft and skin-friendly fabric that doesn’t chafe or rub the canine’s skin.
  • Variety of sizes. From a tiny dog or cat to a giant Great Dane or similar breed, we have the right PRIMENS inflatable dog collar for you to offer. Whether you need a small dog cone collar soft to facilitate your Spitz hДаling, a cat donut collar to help your feline get well after the surgery faster, or dog cones for large dogs, PRIMENS provides a great assortment of sizes so you could find the one that would fit your pet best.
  • High adjustability. Sometimes standard sizes do not fit, but it doesn’t mean that your pet will end up having a flimsy dog recovery collar they could easily Đ”scĐ°pe. Our PRIMENS inflatable collar is equipped with adjustable straps that allow simple and fast regulations to ensure a perfect neck fit. Besides, there are loops that let you attach a regular collar so that you don’t have to give up walks when your pet is recovering.
  • No special skills are required to use this dog neck donut. You just put a cover on, inflate the collar, secure it on your pet’s neck, and here you go. When the collar gets dirty, you can wipe it with a damp cloth or take the cover off and hand wash it. Once your canine is fully recovered, this soft dog cone can be deflated and stored without taking up much room. Ensure smooth postoperative protection and wĐŸund hДаling for your dog with this PRIMENS inflating collar.
Katoggy Protective Inflatable Recovery Collar, Soft Blow-up Dog Cone Collar, Pet Donut Cone Collar, Comfy Elizabethan Collar After Surgery for Medium Dog to Prevent from Biting & Scratching-M
  • 【SCRATCH AND BITE RESISTANT】The inflatable collar is designed to protect your pets from injuries, rashes and post surgery wounds, it will prevent pets from biting and licking their injured area or surgical site and promote recovering from surgery or wounds
  • 【ADJUSTABLE STRAP】There is a velcro strap on the opening of the collar, which can allow you to adjust the the tightness of the dog collar around your dog's neck to the perfect fit.
  • 【WEAR COMFORTABLE】 Inflatable PVC inner and soft outside skin-friendly plush material design will let your dog wear it comfortably and does not block your pet's vision. Your dog will not feel oppressed or nervous when wearing this dog cone collar, they can eat, drink, sleep and play normally. Warm note: Some dogs may feel uncomfortable if it's the first time to use the inflatable collar, they may try to kick it off with their hind legs, so we recommend to clipp pet's nails or putting on socks
  • 【FRIENDLY REMINDER】Because of the different breeds, body types and growing environments of dogs, our products may not be suitable for dogs with long snouts, long legs, long tails and long body, such as Afghan hound, Dashounds, Dalmation, Dobermann, Great Danes, Greyhound, Ibizan Hound, Silken Windhound, etc..
  • 【EASY TO STORE】Inflatable recovery collar, you can deflate it and store it in a small space when you do not use it and there is a zipper opening on one side, you can take the bag out and wash the outside cloth
Poochies Sprouts Dog Cone Collar for After Surgery Soft Dog Recovery Collar to Stop Lick Adjustable Pet Cone for Dog and Cat Foldable Dog Cone for Large Medium Small Dogs(Patent Pending)
  • 🩼PREMIUM MATERIALS AND SIZES XS neck girth:9.8”-12”, Depth: 7”. Dog head cone is adjustable with several rows of snaps and comes in different sizes from XS to XL so you can find the suitable size for your dogs. If your pet's measurement is close to the maximum of the range of a certain size please order the next size up. Materials of cone for dogs after surgery are premium and lightweight which are leak-free fabric and a premium foam interior. 100% Polyester outer, EPE lining.
  • 🐕HELP WITH RECOVERY🩮Are you bothered by an infection your dog has caused by licking or scratching himself? Now we will change this with our dog recovery cone. Prevent dogs away from scratching his eyes, head, ears, mouth, nose and all parts of their face by their paws no matter front or back paws; away your pets from licking the wounds in their legs, paws, armpit, belly and incision from neuter. Make a great recovery with dog cone collar after surgery.
  • 🐕COMFORTABLE WITHOUT ANXIETY🩮The dog recovery cone soft is made of a soft material that is more comfortable than other competitors made of hard plastic. Foldable features and rows of snaps for easy putting on and quick removal. Two types of wearing dog surgery cone collar ensure that your dog can eat, play and sleep with having an anxiety.
  • đŸ©WHY CHOOSE USđŸŸ1.Adjustment: neck girth and depth of dog neck cone small are able to adjust for fit. 2.Deep enough: prefect to cover dog's face. 3.Collar loop: thread your dog's collar or gauze to secure dog soft cone collar. 4.Soft and leak-free fabric: comfortable to wear and easy to clean. 5.Two ways to wear soft pet cone for dogs. 6.Beautiful printed patterns.
  • đŸ¶APPLICATIONđŸŸYou need our dog cone collar for large dog/medium/small dogs and cats after surgery and during dermatology / Beauty / surgical procedure. Also, it's okay to wear cat cone collar soft when playing with your dog outdoors.
Soft Dog Cone Collar for After Surgery, Comfy Recovery Cones for Large Medium Small Dogs and Cats Wound Healing,Adjustable Protective Collar from Licking Scratching - L
  • đŸŸă€5 Different Sizes】: S-XX_Large, perfect for different age or size dogs and cats. It is recommended that choose sizes according to the latest measurement of your pet before buying dog cones. If your dog is between sizes, please size up.
  • đŸ¶ă€Adjustable & Convenient】The cone collar uses adjustable Velcro can make pets more comfortable to wear, our baby-grade Velcro design can reduce damage to dog hair.
  • đŸ±ă€Comfy EVA Material】: The dog surgery collar has good flexibility, comfortable to wear, and Wear and scratch resistant.
  • 🐕【Ergonomic Design】: Built-in massage dots, massage the neck, promote the blood circulation of the pet, and make the pet more comfortable to wear.
  • 🐈【Widely Use】Dog recovery cone can be used for pet bathing, pet nail trimming, post-operative protection, and recovery, preventing pets from licking injuries, etc.Widely used for home, pet store, pet hospital, pet training and vet.
WZ PET Adjustable Dog Cat Cone,Soft Recovery Cat Cone Collar,Dog Protective Collar for Cats and Puppy Surgery,Pink,Small
  • SCRATCH AND BITE RESISTANT:Recovery cone is a great way to prevent your cat from licking or biting rashes,allergies and post-operative wounds.It will also promote the recovery of the wound or surgical area and gently protect your cat's health.Cat protective collar can be also used for beauty pruning ,bath cleaning.For puppy and kitten
  • ADJUSTABLE:Cat recovery collar adopts self-adhesive design,can be adjusted at any time-(NECK SIZE)-Small:8"-9",suit for 5-12 lbs cats;Medium:9"-10".It can stabilize the cat cone and will not be easily removed by pets.Recovery collar size is too large to affect the move,too small can still bite the wound.So the recovery cone should be longer than face and mouth.
  • COMFORT AND DURABLE:Soft cat cone made of cotton,alternative traditional plastic cone,comfortable to wear.It does not hurt cat's skin or interfere with your pet's peripheral vision,they can eat,drink,play normally.Dogs can rest their head on the soft recovery cone and use it as a pillow when they are tired.
  • STORAGE AND WASH: Soft cat cone collar can be folded to store when it not in use.If there are small stains can be gently wiped with warm water and dry;Cat cone collars are machine-washed and do not deform.
  • NOTE:Please refer to the size chart before purchasing.Fitted protective cone is more comfortable and effective for puppies and cats.
Soft Dog Cone Collar, 2 PCS (for Exact Size) Flexible Plastic Cone for Dogs After Surgery, Dog Recovery Collar, Adjustable E-Collar for Large/Medium/Small Dogs Cat, Comfy Elizabethan Collar (M)
  • 【GREAT PROTECTOR】- Pet collar is great for protecting your pet from injuries, rashes and post surgery wounds. Help to prevent pets from biting and licking their injured area or surgical site. Promote recovering from surgery or wounds. Make the recovery process more pleasant
  • 【2 PCS FOR EXACT SIZE】- There are 2 similar & different sizes in each set. No fear of getting the wrong size. If you have another dog, double the value. The soft cone for dogs can also be used for pet grooming, medical treatment and nail cutting
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE】- Lightweight and extra soft fabric edges allow your pet to wear it comfortably with less stress on their neck. In addition, its transparent plastic will not block your pet's vision. They can eat and drink normally even lie down and sleep well
  • 【HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL】- Adjustable dog surgery collar is made of high-quality PVC material, durable and washable. Extra soft fabric edges provide your pet additional comfort and protection, and it will not mark or scrape your furniture
  • 💗 NOTE: Please allow 0.4-0.8 inches, varies by hand measurement, if your dog's measurements are on the higher end of the listed range, we recommend you choose one size larger for comfort
Alfie Pet - Kora Recovery Collar (for Dogs and Cats) - Color: Purple, Size: Small
  • Size Small best fits neck girth 6" to 7.5" with the overall depth of 4.5"
  • Ideal for injuries, rashes and post surgery. Work great for both cats and dogs
  • This flower petals design recovery collar is light in weight, soft and comfortable but may not cover all body part of the pet. Owner should monitor in the beginning as pet may chew the collar
  • Unique velcro closure enables the owner to tighten or loosen, as necessary
  • Pets can eat, sleep, and drink normally
Extra Soft Dog Cone Collar for Dogs After Surgery, Amazing Lightweight Dog Recovery Collar, Adjustable Dog Cones for Large Medium Small Dogs Cat, Breathable Elizabethan Collar While Keeping Shape
  • 【GREAT PROTECTOR】- This soft cone for dogs can well protect your pets from injuries, rashes and post surgery wounds. Help to prevent pets from biting and licking their injured area or surgical site. Accelerate recovering from surgery or wounds. Make the recovery process more pleasant
  • 【BREATHABLE 3D STRUCTURE】- The unique design not only makes pet collar more breathable, but also makes the pet more comfortable. The built-in massage point massages the neck and the soft pet cone promotes the pet's blood circulation to speed up the recovery process. The built-out Dog Paws increases cuteness and beauty, making pets have a better mood
  • 【AMAZING LIGHTWEIGHT】- Your pet will be amazed by its lightness, even compared with traditional plastic cones. The extra lightness will give your pet less pressure and restraint, reduce the pet’s fear and anxiety, shorten the adaptation period
  • 【INCREDIBLE SOFT】- The dog surgery collar are made of soft microfiber cotton, which can be folded into any shape to fit better. Extra soft fabric edges provide your pet additional comfort and protection, and dog recovery cone will not mark or scrape your furniture. Moreover, the e collars do not block your pet’s vision, they can eat, drink, sleep and play as normal
  • 💗Note: Please allow 0.4-0.8 inch, differs due to manual measurement, we recommend one size up for comfort if your dog's measurement is the higher end of the range listed

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