‘Bitterly’ as Gold Prices Drop 3 Percent to $1,848 per ounce

Posted January 21, 2019 06:53:55Gold is currently trading at an average price of $1.849 per ounce, a drop of 3 percent from the price it hit on January 16.This was a slight increase from the $1-1.98 it hit in early January and is more than the 5.9 percent drop in silver’s price during the same […] →Read more

How do you decide if gold is worth $1,200 an ounce? Answer from a Goldie and a Bully

A new study from a gold mine in Northern California that mines for gold in the Sierra Nevada mountains has found that the value of the metal has jumped by more than 50% since gold prices peaked in 2009. In addition to its value as a precious metal, gold also has value as an investment, a […] →Read more

What to watch out for in the precious metals market

It is becoming increasingly difficult for investors to buy gold in India, even though there are many gold-selling websites offering the metal.The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is expected to announce on Monday that the RBI will allow foreign exchange traders to trade in gold, silver and platinum, which will give them the opportunity to […] →Read more

How to get a diamond at a fraction of the cost

It seems that diamonds are the only thing that we can buy for less than $5,000.In India, it is the diamond that is considered a luxury item.This article explores how to buy a diamond for less and save some money.We are going to take a look at how to get the best price for diamonds […] →Read more

How to sell precious metals at a London precious metals exchange

LONDON — A precious metals company is asking for an order to sell $10,000 worth of precious metal in London.Ninepoint is asking a London-based exchange to sell two ounces of the platinum-gold-platinum alloy at the London Gold and Silver Exchange (LGSX) for $1,750.That’s a small price to pay for gold, which can be worth as […] →Read more

When is gold and silver an endangered species?

Now Playing: Gold and silver are in the spotlight as Chinese regulators weigh in on cryptocurrencies, gold and Chinese gold, 2018 Now Playing ‘The Big Short’ review: Inside the film about the film industry’s most controversial movie Now Playing What does the future hold for bitcoin?Now Playing The ‘Big Short’ director’s review of ‘The Revenant’ […] →Read more

FourFourFourTwo – Three reasons to avoid buying precious metals

FourFourTwentyTwo: FourFourEighteen – What are the three best metals?article FourEighteen: FourEightEighteen is here to help you find out what’s worth the most in today’s markets.Topics:investing-and-markets,markets,investment-and_affairs,gold,gold-mining,goldfields-4230,wahili,wattleong-4215,lachlan-4700,sydney-2000,syrian-arab-republic,syria →Read more

A look at the precious metals that are in play in the global financial crisis

A look back at some of the most significant developments in financial markets this past week: The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) was up nearly 5% in early afternoon trading as investors awaited a possible US Federal Reserve meeting, with the benchmark index climbing above 19,000. The dollar fell against a basket of currencies including the Japanese […] →Read more

How to estimate precious metals prices

What is the price of gold?When is the best time to buy gold?You can use our precious metals calculator to help you answer these questions.What is the gold price?There are two types of gold.There are gold-backed securities, which have a higher price and are usually backed by gold, and precious metals.There is gold as a […] →Read more

Goldman Sachs to invest $400m in precious metals company

Goldman Sachs will invest $4 billion in a new precious metals hedge fund, it was announced Monday.The investment, which the firm said would be part of a broader $4.3 billion effort to hedge against the global financial crisis, is a departure from its usual investment strategy of backing other companies.Goldman Sachs said the hedge fund […] →Read more