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Humane Catch and Release Indoor / Outdoor Mouse Traps Pack of 2 - Easy Set Durable Traps, Safe for Children, Pets and Humans - Instantly Remove Unwanted Vermin from Your Home
  • 🐀 MOUSE TRAPS - No harm done. Our humane mouse traps indoor cage adheres to the catch-and-release method which means the mouse won't be harmed in any way during the process. No cruelty involved!
  • 🐀 MOUSE TRAP - Safe around kids & pets. Our mouse traps outdoor cage has no bar clamps that can be triggered accidentally and pinch fingers or toes. It doesn't require the use of hazardous chemicals as well.
  • 🐀 MICE TRAPS FOR HOUSE - Stays closed. The heavy-duty spring in our mice and rats trap quickly shuts the door when triggered. The door will stay securely and tightly closed until you're ready to release the mouse or rat.
  • 🐀 HUMANE MOUSE TRAP - Easy to use. Setting up our mousetraps no see cage takes only minutes. Simply put bait on the bait compartment and lock the door in place. Afterward, remove the rear panel to release the mouse.
  • 🐀 MOUSE TRAPS INDOOR - Cost-effective solution. This humane mousetrap catch and release is reusable and can be cleaned easily. This saves you from spending on disposable traps, glue boards, or dangerous baits.
Humane Mouse Traps, Catch & Release, Reusable Rat Traps, Easy to Set and Safe for Family and Pets, No Kill for Small Rodent/Voles/Hamsters/Moles, Catcher That Works for Indoor/Outdoor, 4 Pack, Blue
  • Humane Designed: Catch and release mouse traps that causing no harm or kill. That works for small rodent, voles, hamsters or moles indoor and outdoor. Increased multiple breathing holes to prevent rats from suffocating.
  • Reusable and Easy to Clean: Using new PC material, high-hardness and more durable. After releasing the mouse, use our carefully matched brush to clean the traps.This is an environmentally friendly mouse traps.
  • Easy and Effective:Bait compartment, press the bottom to open and load the bait. Keep the spring door open and the mice will be quickly arrested. These live mouse traps are simple to set and effective to catch.
  • Safe Around: Non-electricity,non-glue,non-chemicals,non-poison, non-lethal, the mouse traps which are safe for family and pets.
  • Helpful Tips: Place the bait food that the small rodent likes and put it in where the mouse primarily travel.Releasing and cleaning the traps, please wear gloves to avoid contact with bacteria.Remember to check your trap regularly.
4 Pcs Humane Mouse Traps No Kill, Live Mouse Traps Indoor for Home, Reusable Mice Trap Catcher for House & Outdoors
  • Easy to Use: Open the humane mouse traps tail door, place the bait in the food compartment and after that open the mouse traps indoor for home spring door. The mouse is going to enter this humane mouse traps, the spring door just closes in time. In order to catch mice more convenient, mouse traps no kill is suggested to put more bait to attract mice.
  • Reusable and Easy to Clean: Mice trap can be cleaned and reused as many times as needed. The live mouse trap is waterproof and can be easily washed.
  • Humane Mouse Traps: These mouse traps indoor for home are only used to catch mice and other small rodent, and do not kill them be injured. You can choose a suitable house or outdoor.
  • Safe Around Kids and Pets : You only need to place seductive real food as bait to lure mice into the mice trap. You don't have to worry about children or pets eating live mouse trap bait by accident.
  • An Added Bonus: Mouse traps indoor for home comes with a cleaning brush, so you don't need to buy an extra brush to clean the trap. Mouse traps no kill model is small and can only accommodate and capture small mice.
Humane Mouse Trap | Catch and Release Mouse Traps That Work | Mice Trap No Kill for mice/Rodent Pet Safe (Dog/Cat) Best Indoor/Outdoor Mousetrap Catcher Non Killer Small Mole Capture Cage (2 Pack)
  • 🐭 Upgraded - Blinc's mice traps have a new design that prevents the mouse from dying by added air holes. This is a No Kill Mouse Trap, so we do our best to keep it that way. This humane rat trap/mice trap is made from the best ABS material.
  • 🐭 Safe - This live mouse trap has no poison. It is safe for both pets and children. Our mice traps indoor and outdoor, not only wont kill mice but are also not dangerous for your home.
  • 🐭 Easy to Use - With a simple bait compartment and a touch sensitive lever, these live mouse traps are simple to set up and effective to catch.
  • 🐭 Reusable And Easy to Clean - Made from supper fine ABS plastic our mouse traps are super easy to clean so they are ready to reuse immediately.
  • 🐭 24/7 Customer Support - Please message us at any time for questions or comments. We are here to assist you!
Humane Mouse Traps Catch and Release, Reusable No Kill Mouse Traps , Easy to Set and Safe for Family and Pet-2 Pack
  • Humane-Catch and release mouse traps that causing no pain or harm. Added multiple stomata for mice to breathe, preventing them from suffocating.
  • Reusable-Using new ABS material, strong and durable. It is a mouse trap that can be reused.
  • Safe-Humane mouse traps which are safe for family and pets,non-toxic, glue or chemical, non-lethal,
  • Simple and Efficient-Open the tail door & place the bait in the food compartment and after that open the spring door. The mouse is going to enter this trap & the spring door just closes in time.
  • Tips-Choose the bait that the mouse likes and put it in the place where the mouse often appears.
    It is recommended that you wear gloves when setting up mouse traps, and check them every day.
Mouse Trap Indoor Outdoor for Home No Kill, Humane Live Mouse Mice Traps Catch and Release, No Touch Remove Unwanted Vermin, Reusable Humane Mouse Traps Easy Set, Safe for Pets(2 Pack)
  • 🐀【100% Humane Mouse Traps】:Our live mouse traps catch and release method causes no kill, no pain and is cruelty free. 108 air holes and bait design, mouse traps indoor, highly sensitive. Mice traps have a new design that prevents the mouse from dying by added air holes. This is a no kill mouse trap, so we do our best to keep it that way. We are endorsed many people who love animals, HiAnifri is Ideal for animal lovers. Good for you and your family, good for the rodent and nature.
  • 🐀【Mouse Traps Indoor For Home Safe Around Kids And Pets】:Live mouse trap is safe for in-home use and is children and pets safe. We do not use poison, glue, chemical or electricity. It also features a design that ensures you don’t have any physical contact with the mice effectively reducing the risk of diseases or bite that may arise from contact. Our mice traps indoor and outdoor, not only wont kill mice but are also not dangerous for your home.
  • 🐀【Easy To Set And Use Pest Control】:You don't have to be an expert to use a HiAnifri mouse traps. Its design allows trappers of all experience levels to capture, transport, and release small animals with ease. With a simple bait compartment and a touch sensitive lever, these live mouse traps are simple to set up and effective to catch. 1:Take off the compartment door. 2:Put some peanut butter/other in the bait compartment. 3:Put the compartment back. 4:Open spring door and wait for mouse come.
  • 🐀【Reusable And Easy To Clean Live Traps For Mice】:Smart Mouse Trap can be cleaned and reused as many times as needed. The trap is waterproof and can be easily washed. This humane rat trap/mice trap is made from the best ABS material. Always give you a warm and safe home. Grey-black blends in with the night, making it easier to catch and clean. the trap can catch your garden plants rodents all kinds of seasons and weather conditions.
  • 🐀【Sensitive And Efficient Mouse Trap No Kill】:Mice traps for house indoor are easily activated and will be triggered even by the smallest and sneakiest mice. Your house will be rodent-free in no time. Its design allows trappers of all no any experience levels to capture, transport, and release small animals with ease. Size:Length, width and height: 6.6*2.5*2.6inches, and A cleaning brush. If there is any problem, please contact us.
6 Pack Humane Mouse Traps Catch and Release Pet and Child Safe No Poison Green Color
  • Air Ventalition: YARDefense with 5 big air vent for comfortable breath to avoid mouse killed by hypoxia asphyxia
  • Water Supply: YARDefense with Extra water tank and injection filler for caged mouse to avoid killed by thirsty. 4ml water can make mouse alive for additional 24 hours. This way you will not worry about mouse will killed by thirsty .
  • Pin lock: YARDefense have Special Pin lock make easy to set up and safety lock make mouse never escape.
  • Safe for Kids and Pet. YARDefense No poison, no glue, no strong physical hurt, No electricity,kids and pet play around it is 100% safe.
  • Reusable and easy to clean:YARDefense can use as many times as you want, and glossy plastic surface can be effortlessly washed.
PantryGuard 4 Pack Smart Humane Mouse Traps, Kids & Pets Safe, Live Catch and Release, No Kill No Pain No Chemical Mouse Catcher Trap ,Safety Rat Traps
  • Special Air Holes for comfortable breath: PantryGuard mouse traps have 5 air holes on the top and 16 air holes in the door , which can provide enough air to avoid hypoxia asphyxia by rodent.
  • Easy to set up and Safe pin lock: Our easy-to-set rodent traps feature a convenient, sensitive and see-through design with special pin lock that allows trappers of all experience levels to capture,transport and release small rodents with ease, this pin lock with safety lock, rodents are not able to escape.
  • Cruelty-free and safe around kids: Our PantryGuard rodent traps are a humane way to trap rodents. No physical harm happens to the rodent, also no poison, no glue, no chemicals and no electricity involved. The trap employs catch and release of various rodents, moles, rats, mice and other similar intruders. It is ultra-safe for indoor and outdoor use in homes with children or pets.
  • Reusable and easy to clean: PantryGuard rodent traps can be used as many times as you want, and glossy plastic surface can be effortlessly washed.
Humane Mouse Traps Indoor for Home Live Mouse Trap Catch and Release Mouse Traps Indoor Humane No Kill Mice Trap for House Indoor Reusable Mousetrap Trap Rat Trap Rodent Trap Alternative to Bucket
  • The Original Live Mouse Traps Humane. Catch and Release Mouse Traps that are Humane, Safe, Easy to Set Up and Reusable for Indoor and Outdoor Use.
  • Mouse Traps Safe for Kids & Pets - These No Kill Mouse Traps Indoor / Live Mouse Traps Catch and Release Traps for Mice are Mouse Traps Without Killing and are Pet and Kid Safe Mouse Traps - 100% Safe to Use around Childeren and Pets.
  • Humane Mouse Traps Indoor For Home That Work - Catch even the Smallest Micro Mice with our New and Improved Highly Sensitive Live Mouse Trap. Reusable Live Traps Mouse Cage Trap that can be used Houses, Appartments, Cabins, Shed, Inside and Outside.
  • Be A Best Friend to Animals - Free the Mice, together with his Mouse Friends with this Mouse Live Trap that is an Effective and Ethical Mousetrap. Humane Mouse Trap for House Made of ABS Fully Recyclable Plastic
  • Great Value - Multiple Big Mouse Traps Indoor Humane! Choose Between a Pack of Two Medium Mouse Traps or a Pack of Two Large Mouse Trap Boxes that Will Help You Catch the Mice and Set them Free!
Humane Mouse Traps, 12 inches Enlarged No Kill Rat Trap, Reusable Catch and Release Mice Traps, Pet and Children Friendly Mouse Trap That Work (2 Pack)
  • Largest Humane Mousetrap - Compared to most humane traps on the market, iiwey has the largest living space (12inchs, others about 6 inchs). Small space will cause suffocation and pinching of mouse tails, iiwey have no any such accident in past 4 years!
  • Safety Way to Catch Mouse - Catch mouse instead of kill it by dangerous way, you should immediately get this humane trap if you want to keep your children or pets out of those safety problems.
  • Easy to Set and Release - Just open the front door and throw the bait in to set this humane mouse trap. After catching a mouse, you can easily take it into the wild, open the front door outwards to release, will never touch the mouse!
  • Easy to clean & reusable - Wash the humane mouse trap with water and dry It with cloth, you can reset a mouse trap. The front and rear doors of iiwey huame mouse trap are reinforced with iron sheets, will not easily damaged by chewing like others on market.
  • Proven Best Design - iiwey has sold hundreds of thousands of humane mousetraps in the UK, best design makes it much more successful than other humane traps. Welcome to the NO KILL FAMILY!

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