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Grounding Sheets for Earthing Queen Size Grounding Fitted Bed Sheets with 15 ft Grounidng Cord
  • 銆怗ROUNDING FITTED SHEETS銆戯細Queen size grounding sheet measuring 60 by 80 inches with a 13 inches deep pocket. Notice: The package includes one gounding bed sheet and one 15 feet grounding cord. No pillowcase.
  • 銆怮UALITY MATERIAL銆戯細The earthing sheets are made of pure silver thread and organic cotton. Which is super soft, breathale and durable. And with all-around premium elastic, our earthing bed sheets hug the mattress firmly, so it doesn鈥檛 slip, slide, bunch up, or pop-off at night.
  • 銆怘EALTH BENEFITS銆戯細When connectting to the Earth's natural electron current, many people experience positive health benefits like better sleep, less stress, more energy, improved circulation, reduced inflammation and so on.
  • 銆怑ASY TO SET UP銆戯細Place the earthing bed sheets over your mattress, push one end of the grounding cord into a grounded wall outlet, then snap the other end onto the conductive snap on the earthing sheets.
  • 銆怱ECURITY ASSURANCE銆戯細The grounding cords provide a safe soft ground utilizing a built-in (molded in) in-line current limiting 100k ohm resistor. In the event that a short develops in an electrical device that a person is in contact with while grounded, the built-in resistor limits the current flow to a safe level.
Grounding Sheet with Grounding Cord,Made with Premium Cotton and Pure Silver Threads,Conductive Fabric,Achieve Healthy Sleep(52x27inch)
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Grounding sheet is made of premium pure natural cotton and pure silver threads blended in the optimum proportion, Premium cotton feels very soft, and contact with skin can protect skin very well.Silver threads have conductive properties, which can inhibit bacterial growth on the bed.
  • GROUNDED CONNECTION: The grounding sheet is covered with silver threads, which are conductive. When a wire is used to connect the sheets to the grounding socket, the sheet can neutralize the free radicals of the human body, enhance the body's resistance, Scientists have shown that grounding has great benefits for people's health.
  • GROUNDING BENEFITS: The benefits of grounding have been proven by research, including better sleep quality, improving micro circulation, accelerating wound healing, eliminating inflammation, reducing fatigue and muscle soreness, alleviating menstrual symptoms, and improving sub-health.
  • EASY TO USE: The sheet is very simple and convenient to use. There is a grounding cord in the package. You only need to fasten the cord to the sheet and plug it into the grounding socket of the household socket to achieve the grounding function.
  • GUARANTEE:If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
JOY路WHITE Grounding Sheet with Grounding Cord,Grounding Sheets with Organic Cotton Conductive Silver Fiber, Grounding Improve Sleep (35X59in White
  • 銆怗rounding Sheets銆慓rounding is connecting your precious body to the earth with its miraculous healing energy, grounding means touching the earth barefoot, or sleeping in a room with a wire Transmit the natural and miraculous healing energies of the earth into your body.
  • 銆怣aterial of Grounding Mat銆95%organic cotton 5%silver fiber,Pure cotton material is comfortable and breathable to bring a more comfortable experience to your body.
  • 銆怭rinciple of grounding sheet銆慣his grounding mat for sleeping is made of silver fiber conductive fabric, and silver fiber is a high-tech product obtained by special technology to combine a layer of silver on the surface of the fiber, this structure not only allows the silver fiber to maintain the original textile properties, but also retains the magic characteristics of silver.
  • 銆怋enefits of connecting to earth銆 Absorbing free electrons from the earth by grounding blanket to balance the body charge and improve sleep quality,Reduces inflammation in the body and relieves pain.The whole family can be used by men, women and children, pregnant women and children can be used, grounding to make the body healthier.
  • 銆怑asy to use銆慻rounding sheet for sleeping can be placed horizontally or vertically on the bed, with a grounding wire to connect the sheet to the wall grounding jack, you can achieve the grounding function.
Grounding Sheets with 5% Silver Fiber & Organic Cotton - Conductive with Grounding Cord, Grounding Keep Good Sleep, Natural Health(Grey 27x52 inch)
  • High Quality: Each Grounding sheet has passed strict quality inspection. Ensure conductivity and quality. Made of 95% natural cotton and 5% silver fiber. It is very soft and good for skin.
  • Easy to Use: Grounding sheet can easily realize the grounding function. One end of the grounding cord in the set is used to connect the bed sheet, and the other end is inserted into the grounding jack on the wall.
  • Use Benefits: Grounding sheet can improve sleep quality. Healthy Life Style: The commonly used grounding bed sheet is a healthy life style, and is the return of human beings to nature.
  • Easy to Wash: The Grounding sheet can be washed like the ordinary bed sheet, which will not affect the conductivity and is very durable.
  • Use Benefits: Grounding sheet can improve sleep quality.
Grounding Sheets with Organic Cotton and Silver Fiber - Conductive Grounding Sheets for Healthy Sleep(35x90 inch)
  • High Quality: Each Grounding sheet has passed strict quality inspection. Ensure conductivity and quality. Made of 95% natural cotton and 5% silver fiber. It is very soft and good for skin.
  • Easy to Use: Grounding sheet can easily realize the grounding function. One end of the grounding cord in the set is used to connect the bed sheet, and the other end is inserted into the grounding jack on the wall.
  • Use Benefits: Grounding sheet can improve sleep quality.
  • Healthy Life Style: The commonly used grounding bed sheet is a healthy life style, and is the return of human beings to nature.
  • Easy to Wash: The Grounding sheet can be washed like the ordinary bed sheet, which will not affect the conductivity and is very durable.
SMILIE Grounding Sheet, Grounding Mat, Therapy Grounding Sleeping Sheets and Mattress Cover, Grounding Flat Bed Sheet with Grounding Conductive Cord, Improve Sleep While Grounded (25 x 52inch)
  • 1.銆怭rofessors approved Grounding銆 Can鈥檛 always walk barefoot due to busy work or schedule? If so, here's your handy and instant indoor solution! Grounding has become a world-wide phenomenon based on the discovery of the benefits of grounding, and crucial work done by a team of professors from top universities devoted to verifying the science. This conductive indoor Grounding Sleep Mat helps you enjoy a peaceful sleep, relieves pain, decreases stress and tension and gains more energy naturally!
  • 2.銆怲he scientific behind Grounding sheet銆 Grounding conductive systems transfer energy from ground to our body. The grounding sheet is woven with silver thread that is good for skin and is anti-odor, naturally and safely maintains our body without you having to worry. Perfects for anyone who suffers from sleep disturbances or insomnia. Enjoy a healthier, deeper sleep and wake up feeling refresh and lull you into a more restful night sleep with our flat Grounded sleep mat.
  • 3.銆怭remium Materials銆 This grounding sheet is made of pure natural superior organic cotton and pure silver fiber. 95% natural renewable organic cotton and 5% pure silver fiber thread. Together with the sheet, there is a 15ft long conductive grounding cable. The grounding sheet is premium are 100% body safe.
  • 4.銆怑asily connecting with grounding sheet銆 The grounding therapy sleeping mat is very simple and convenient to use. Connect the cable to the connector on the grounding mat and socket on the wall. The grounding mat will work effectively. It only works when the grounding mat is connected and bare skin touches grounding mat. Some people feel tiny body impulses and get the benefits within 1 week, while others may takes 3-4 weeks to feel obvious benefits, please be patient锛
  • 5.銆怱atisfaction guarantee銆 When you receive the grounding sleeping sheet, you are not very satisfied with it. We promise a full refund within 30 days. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will be happy to answer it for you. If you are looking for a gift to a special someone in your life or yourself, these grounding sheets will be the ultimate favorites that are unique & thoughtful ideas.
Grounding Mat, Breathable Grounding Mats Plus Ground Cord Grounding Products Kit for Better Sleep, Reduce Stress Sleeping Sheets Pad (54"x71" Full Size)
  • [Product Details] - 100% Highly-conductive PU carbon leatherette with breathable holes and elastic straps to keep fixed on the mattress when using. This grounding kit contains 54" x 71" grounding mat, 15 foot grounding cable. Please contact us wihtout any hesitation if any part is missing. grounding instructions and color box, suitable as a gift directly, no need for additional gift packaging. Please keep using, you will see the surprising performance.
  • [Health Benefits] - From book 'Grounding' by clinton ober M.D., we know that grounding can reduce stress, reduce chronic pain, speed healing, improve sleep, increase energy, normalize blood pressure and blood flow, relieve muscle tension and headache, improve menstrual and female hormone symptoms, reduce jet lag, help support adrenal health, lower stress and promoting calmness, Please insist on using, the effect will show.
  • [Working Principle] - Grounding therapy is defined as touching the Earth with your skin. Our grounding pads enable you to absorb the external energy of the Earth by making use of the skin natural moisture as a conductor throughout the night. The grounding mat helps to reduce pain, stress as well as improve sleep cycles for deeper sleep. Consistent use of our sleep mats may also help you to decrease, stress and tension. Please don't use the grounding mat during electrical storm.
  • [Use Easily] - The leather-like side goes up and another side goes down. Make contact with the wipe-able carbon leather-like side directly. Connect the cable to connector on the mat and socket on the wall. It will work effectively. It only works when the mat is connected and bare skin touches it. The performance may show after using for some time because of different bodies. If you have any doubt with using, please contact us anytime.
  • [After Sales & Advice] - No washing the ground mat in the washing machine in case of damage the mat. Generally, you can simply wipe off the ground therapy sleep mat with a water dampened cloth. Do not use any detergents with bleach or natural oils like lavender or coconut oil as they will reduce work efficiency of the grounding mat as a result of harm to the conductivity of the silver. Leather taste is normal, and it can be relieved by a few days of natural ventilation.
Grounding Sheet with Grounding Cord Grounding Sheets Queen Size Grounding Sheets for Sleeping(60x80Inch)
  • 鉂uality material锛歍his sheet uses silver fiber conductive fabric, cross-woven, silver fiber interwoven, reduce resistance, enhance conductivity, not only anti-radiation, but also whitening anti-aging effect.
  • 鉂afety in use: 100kohm safety protection resistance is built into the product grounding wire to effectively ensure safety in use.
  • 鉂asy to use 锛歫ust plug in a connector from a wall outlet to allow the magic of the floor to spread to the power outlet and into our sheets to improve your quality of sleep.
  • 鉂asy to clean锛欳an be washed normally锛孋an usedetergent, can dry at low temperature, but do not dry at high temperature.
  • 鉂erfect service锛歐e sincerely hope you are satisfied with your grounding sheets, our professional customer service will do everything to ensure your satisfaction, we offer 100% refund.

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