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  • How to buy gold, silver, copper, platinum and other precious metals

    Buying precious metals in India can be tricky at best.If you’re new to the game, you’ll find that most places will not offer any gold, platinum or other precious metal in stores, and you’ll have to go to an exchange or go online.You’ll also have to travel a long way for a safe place to […]

  • Which metals are most valuable?

    The precious metals market is booming, with demand outstripping supply and a rising market cap.But precious metals are not the only commodities that are valued at astronomical levels.Here are a few other interesting facts you might not know about precious metals:  1. The United States gold and silver reserves are 3,000,000 tonnes and 1,000 billion ounces. 2. Gold is the most precious […]

  • Gold and silver price rally as government signals it will keep price controls

    Gold and the silver market has rallied from their low lows in early January, and the U.S. government has signaled that it will maintain price controls on the precious metals for the rest of this year.Gold and other precious metals have gained nearly 2 percent in the past 24 hours to close at $1,867.60 an […]

  • How to sell precious metals at a London precious metals exchange

    LONDON — A precious metals company is asking for an order to sell $10,000 worth of precious metal in London.Ninepoint is asking a London-based exchange to sell two ounces of the platinum-gold-platinum alloy at the London Gold and Silver Exchange (LGSX) for $1,750.That’s a small price to pay for gold, which can be worth as […]

  • When is gold and silver an endangered species?

    Now Playing: Gold and silver are in the spotlight as Chinese regulators weigh in on cryptocurrencies, gold and Chinese gold, 2018 Now Playing ‘The Big Short’ review: Inside the film about the film industry’s most controversial movie Now Playing What does the future hold for bitcoin?Now Playing The ‘Big Short’ director’s review of ‘The Revenant’ […]

  • What is the cost of precious metal mining?

    Posted September 21, 2018 07:08:22The price of gold, platinum, palladium, silver, copper, pallium and other precious metals have been skyrocketing, with many investors turning to ETFs and other funds as they look to protect their money.But there’s a new tool emerging that could help investors protect their holdings and potentially protect their portfolios as well.That […]

  • How to make your own ‘Tungsten Treasure’

    The story of Tungsten is as old as humanity itself.The metal is mined in the mountains of western Australia and is mined using a process called a gold-mining.It is a process that is environmentally friendly and produces very high-quality metal.The first miners to mine gold in the world, however, were the Englishmen who first discovered […]

  • Aussie gold, silver prices soar as prices of precious metals soar

    Gold, silver and copper prices have soared to new highs as investors look for yield and yield on investment options.Key points:The Australian dollar is at an eight-year high against the US dollar after the US Federal Reserve announced it would start raising interest rates next weekMr Trump has threatened to pull out of the Trans-Pacific […]

  • Gold price surge as Chinese miners flee amid crisis

    The price of gold plunged Tuesday after Chinese mining giant Geely warned of a “significant” threat to the world’s biggest precious metal supply.Geely warned in a note to investors that Chinese miners had fled the country after discovering gold in the South China Sea.The gold price, which is the world gold standard, fell to $1,237.24 […]

  • How to find a cheap bitcoin deal

    The price of Bitcoin is now about $8,000 a coin, and a lot of people are finding it hard to make a profit from it.However, you don’t have to be rich to make money from the cryptocurrency.And a number of experts say there are a number ways you can make money using the cryptocurrency, from […]


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