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BUCATSTATE Sand Bath Container for Hamster Large Transparent Hamster Toilet with Scoop Dwarf Sandbox Dust Bathtub Small Animals Bathroom Hamster Cage Accessories (Transparent, Large)
  • 【Panoramic Observation】:High-permeability PS plastics, clear and transparent, which is easy to observe hamster bathing, playing and digging
  • 【Sand-Proof Design】Deepen the bottom height,the baffle of the extrance effectively helps to prevent sand spilling
  • 【Side Entrance】Observe the hamster's life without hindrance. Enclosed design to increase the time of hamster bathing. Large internal space so taht your pets could move around freely
  • 【Easily Cleaning:】Easy to remove the lid,arc design of the bottom can wash the dirty stuff away without effort
  • 【Size】7.1 inches long,4.7 inches wide,4.7 inches high. It's matched with a Sand Scoop which is random color. It's recommended for your syrian hamster,mice, chipmunks,chinchillas,fansy rat,young squirrel,lemming or or other small pets animals
Favola Hamster Cage Includes Free Water Bottle, Exercise Wheel, Food Dish & Hamster Hide-Out Large Hamster Cage Measures 23.6L x 14.4W x 11.8H-Inches & Includes 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Hamster Cage Includes 2 Spacious Floors; First floor is a deep 4.75 height inches to promote playful borrowing w/ a Hamster friendly plastic ramp (no pinched toes) for easy access to the plastic top level where their food dish, water & hide away preside
  • Fully equipped & modular designed hamster cage; Favola includes a food dish, water bottle, hide away, 5.5 inch exercise wheel & a connecting port for play tubes to connect to other hamster cages
  • Easy Maintenance Hamster Cage: Top panel features an access door & entire wire portion & middle plastic section of the cage disconnects from the transparent base for easy cleaning access
  • Large Living Space: Hamster cage measures 23.6 length x 14.4 width x 11.8 height inches, deep base measures 23.6L x 14.4W x 4.75H (approx. 340 square inch base), wire top mesh is 1/4 inch wide, exercise wheel is 5.5 inch diameter
BUCATSTATE Hamster Paper Bedding, 2LBS/900g Dust-Free and Odor Control Paper Litter for Syrian Dwarf Hamsters Gerbils Mice Lemming Degus Reptile Birds (Blue)
  • [Safety and Low Dust] Come with 2 packs of 1LBS hamster paper pellets. Our paper litter has gone through multiple dust-reclaiming and is perfect for tiny pets with sensitive respiratory tracts. Dry and dust-free.
  • [Natural Material Paper Bedding] Made of natural pulp, which has strong water absorption, which can better absorb the annoying smell of the cage. Safe process, no fading, no staining. Allowing hamsters to have more fun rolling and digging.
  • [Colorful and Multiple Combination] This hamster paper pellets that can be combined with other bedding to create colorful landscapes and an original ecological small pet hideout. With the colorful paper pellets bedding, you could divide areas to keep your hamster cage organized.
  • [Breathable and Ventilation] Unlike other thick bedding, BUCATSTATE paper bedding is much thinner and breathable in summer. Can be used as a cage decor or bottom bedding in the hamster house. For the well-being of the small pet, please change the paper bedding every 7 days.
  • [Perfect Gift for Many Pets] Adopt micro-compression packaging, please slightly stretch the paper litter before use. Suitable for Hamsters, Guinea Pig, Gerbils, Mice, Lemming, Degus, Birds, Reptiles, Hedgehog or other small-sized pets.
MEWOOFUN Large Hamster Cage Wooden Hamster Cage for Syrian Hamster (39.4"L X 19.7" WX 19.7”H) Acrylic Hamster Cage without Accessories
  • 【Spacious Hamster Cage】Dimensions: 39.4" L x 19.7" W x 19.7" H. ( 776 square inches of floorspace ) Attractive looking and pretty spacious, which means your hamster have plenty of room for play and exploring! Notice: the cage comes without any hamster cage accessories.
  • 【Well Ventilated & Big View】The holes on both side and hamster pattern slits on top which provide adequate ventilation for pets. Hamster loves to burrow and dig so this allows for deep bedding.
  • 【Modern Looking & Acrylic Design】Modern looking matches your home well. 3 sides arylic design is convenient to observe your hamster. Acrylic latch on the front door is easier to touch or feed your pet.
  • 【Easy to Assemble & Clean】Easy to put together. It takes about 45 minutes to assemble. We would recommend having a helper and perpare a allen wrench by yourself. The opening latch on the front door and openable cover would make cleaning much easier.
  • 【Gifts for your Little Friends】Perfect for syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters, robo hamsters, gerbils and small chinese hamster. If you are looking for a good enclosure for your hamster, this is the one.
Large Hamster Cage and Habitat, Small Animals Cage with Various Accessories for Syrian Hamster, Dwarf Hamster, Gerbil
  • 3-level Design: The 3-level design provides a huge space for your hamster to exercise, relax, explore and play. Dimensions: 18.5"L x 11.8"W x 11.8"H.
  • Ample Accessories: 1 x water bottle, 1 x food feeder bowl, 1 x rainbow bridge, 1 x hideout house, 1 x exercise wheel, 1 x bathroom, 2 x platform, 1 x swing.
  • Easy to Assemble: You can quickly install your hamster cage through the installation video and related product pictures on this product page.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: Detachable upper cover and plastic bottom tray for ease of cleaning.
  • Note: The platform and toys in the cage are cut from wood-plastic boards. Some hamsters will bite it, and the product will not cause any harm to the hamster. The paint layer on the cage wire will be worn when opening and closing the door.
Bucatstate Hamster Cage with Accessories, Includes Free Exercise Wheel, Water Bottle, Food Bowl & Hamster Hideout, Large Hamster Cage House for Dwarf Syrian Hamster, Degus (24.4L*13.7W*16.9H-inches)
  • Large hamster cage, dimension is 24.4''*13.8''*16.9'', suitable for dwarfs, gerbils, golden bears, squirrels and other small animals
  • Package include hamster accessories:hamster hideout house,hamster wheel,hamster toys,tunnel,sand bath container,food bowl,water bottle,platform,clean kit
  • Double door design(one at top and on in front), which is convenient for interacting with hamsters and placing food and other stuffs
  • 6.3 inch elevated transparent bottom can be covered with thick bedding, allowing you to observe hamsters digging holes
  • Reinforced iron wire makes the hamster cages more durable and prevents deformation, perfect for fixing accessories such as bottles and wheels
Niteangel Vista Hamster Cage W/ Oblique Opening Cage Door - MDF Aspen Small Animal Cage for Syrian Dwarf Hamsters Degus Mice or Other Similar-Sized Pets (Large - 47.1 x 22.7 x 26.9 inches, White)
  • Niteangel Vista Series Hamster Cage - Assemble Simply - The wooden boards of the cage are thick and the slot is accurate enough to reduce the difficulty of the installation. Besides, the rubber rings are enhancing the stability of small animal cage.
  • Spacious Hamster House - Outside dimension of Large pet cage: 47.1” length x 22.7” bottom width x 26.9” rear height. Bigger space can bring bigger creativity for you to build a theme playground to little pets. More details of hamster cage sizes are in pictures.
  • Comfy & Transparent Hamster Cages - The roof vent is designed to bring more fresher air to the pet’s habitat and that can make your little friend play or sleep comfortably. Also, the transparent three sides PET boards and a roof Acrylic board are better to observe the small animals from more angles.
  • Creative Inclined Cage Door - The inclined skylight will convenient for decorating hamster stuff, arranging pet living areas, changing bedding, cleaning the pet house and teasing pets.
  • Eco-friendly & Safe Timber - The hamster cage made of MDF Aspen and birch wood, which is durable and steady. It’s ideal for Hamster, Degu, Rats and other small animals.
Large Twin Tower 5-Levels Crossing Level Tube Habitat Syrian Hamster Home Rodent Gerbil Mouse Mice Rat Wire Animal Cage (21L x 14W x 23H inches, Blue)
  • 【Large 5-Levels Solid Plastic Flooring】Roomy With Multi Levels, Allow Multiple Pets Playing Around; Mixed Color Clear Translucent Cross Level Tube Tunnel Included.
  • 【Lage Cage size】: L21.25 x W14 x H23.5 inches; With Cross Level Mixed Color Clear Translucent Tube Tunnel
  • 【 Includes Complete Set of Accessories】 4 x Solid Shelves; 4 x Ladders; 1x Water Drinking Bottle; 4 x Play Tube Tunnels; 1 x Food Bowl; 1 x Hide House; 1 x 5-Inch Exercise Running wheel.
  • 【Tight Bar Space: 3/8-Inch 】Prevent Escape and Stuck
  • 【3-Inch Deep Base】 For More Play Ground Area.
Aivituvin Upgraded 3 Tier Hamster Cage with Chewing Toy, Hideout, Seesaws, Food Bowl, Rat House-Leak Proof Plastic Tray
  • ★ Upgraded with wire mesh walls allow attaching water bottle and exercise wheel. (Product doesn't include a water bottle and exercise wheel). No leak plastic tray for easy clean and give your hamster a healthy life.
  • ★ Fully accessorized habitat includes chewing toy, feeding bowl, hideouts, seesaws, ramps to keep your lively pets always active and in good health.
  • ★ Three levels give your small rodent a roomy place to burrow and run. The clear acrylic design allows you to enjoy watching your hamster play.Overall size:38.98"L x 19.69"W x 24.02"H
  • ★ The 100% Non-TOXIC wood and acrylic design of this hamster cage protection for Guinea Pig's sensitive feet make the little paws unable to get stuck.
  • ★ Wire top roof provides proper ventilation. Large open front door for easy feeding. Ideal cage for hamster, ferret, hedgehog, chinchilla, gerbil, rat, furry friends.
5-Floor Large Twin Tower Habitat Dwarf Syrian Hamster Rodent Gerbil Mouse Mice Rat Wire Animal Critter Cage
  • 【Large 5-Levels Solid Plastic Flooring】Roomy With Multi Levels, Allow Multiple Pets Playing Around
  • 【Lage Cage size】: L21.25 x W14 x H23.5 inches; With Cross Level Mixed Color Clear Translucent Tube Tunnel ; 3 access doors available: front, left and right.
  • 【 Includes Complete Set Accessories】 4 x Solid Shelves; 4 x Ladders, 1 x Water Drinking Bottle, 4 x Sets of Play Tubes, 1 x Food Bowl, 1 x Hide House, 1 x 5-Inch Excercise Running wheel.
  • 【Tight Bar Space: 3/8-Inch 】Prevent Escape and Stuck ;
  • 【3-Inch Deep Base】 For Extra Bedding Needs and More Playing Ground Area For Your Pets
New 3 Solid Floor Levels Habitat Hamster Rodent Gerbil Mouse Mice Cage Clear Transparent (Blue)
  • 3-Full Levels With 3 Front Metal Wire Access Doors With Acrylic Clear Cross Level Tube Tunnel
  • 【16"Length x 11"Depth x 22"Height 】【Complete Features Includes, Total 3 Exercise wheels, Total 3 Food Dishes, Total 3 Expansion Outlets, and 1 Water Bottle】【 6-Inches Acrylic Clear Deep Base (Allow Easy See Through the Daily Activities of Your Pet).】
  • 【Expandable and Customizable】Able to Expand and Completely Compatible "Mcage" Accessories For More Space.. New design fully solid plastic shelf and easy to assembly without clips. Completely transparent to facilitate observation.
  • 【3/8 inch wire body】 Bar Thikcness: 1/16". White Wire Body Prevent Escape and Stuck
  • Easy To Setup Without Tools. For dwarf Hamsters, Hamsters, Gerbils, Mouse, Mice or other small animals critters
Natural Wood Hamster Cage with Openable Roof- Visible Small Animal Hideout Cages with Acrylic Transparent Board- Oblique Opening Hamster Habitat Cage for Indoor Syrian Dwarf Hamsters Mice Small Animal
  • High Visibility & Modern Design: Our wooden hamster cage has a clear acrylic sheet on the top and front, and ventilation windows on both sides, so you can view the hamster in the cage from multiple angles. It adopts log color, fresh tones, simple and elegant design, suitable for most home decoration environments, adding more decoration to your home (only cages are sold, not including cage toys).
  • Spacious Hamster Cage: The size of The wooden hamster habitat cage is 19.5 x 11.7 x 11.8 inches, you can freely install the hamster's favorite roller toys, sand bath area, platform, rest area, etc., and you can also design novel decoration styles for your hamsters create a unique home.
  • Ventilation Windows & Openable Roof: You don't have to worry that the hamster cannot breathe fresh air in the small animal hideout cage. There are strong iron ventilation windows on both sides of the cage, which will not be bitten by the hamster, and can keep the air circulation. Besides, its top is openable, which is very convenient for daily cleaning of the pet living area, as well as interacting with them.
  • High-quality Material: The whole is made of high-quality paulownia wood, which is sturdy and durable, smooth polished, and will not cause damage to the small claws of your hamster. The transparent plate is made of acrylic, which is lighter and more durable than glass.
  • Small Animal Habitat: Our large hamster habitat cage is perfect for hamsters, mice, hedgehogs, gerbils, degus and most Syrian hamsters, but please confirm if your pet is a destructive rodent before buying, they will quickly gnaw and destroy the cage.
Bucatstate Hamster Cage with Accessories, Includes Free Exercise Wheel, Water Bottle, Food Bowl & Hamster Hideout Toy, Large Hamster Cage House for Dwarf, Syrian, Degus (24.4L*13.7W*16.9H-inches)
  • Large hamster cage, dimension is 24.4''*13.8''*16.9'', bottom basin approx. 337 square inch. suitable for dwarfs, gerbils, golden bears, squirrels and other small animals
  • Package include hamster accessories: hamster hideout house, hamster wheel, hamster toys, tunnel, sand bath container, food bowl, water bottle, platform.
  • Double door design(one at top and on in front), which is convenient for interacting with hamsters and placing food and other stuffs.
  • 6.3 inch elevated transparent bottom can be covered with thick bedding, allowing you to observe hamsters digging holes.
  • Reinforced iron wire makes the hamster cages more durable and prevents deformation, perfect for fixing accessories such as bottles and wheels.
Syrian Hamster Toys Set, Improved Version 8.7 IN Large DIY Syrian Hamster House, Wooden Gerbil Hideout, Hamsters Sport Exercise Toys Set, Dwarf Hamster Cage Accessories, Suitable for All Hamsters
  • ❤Syrian Hamster Playground:We can help you to design a playground for your pet to play and exercise by Our hamster seesaw, sport exercise toys, rainbow bridge and swing combination. Hawaii rainbow house provides small animals with a hideout, promotes nesting and chewing instincts
  • ❤Size: Improved Large Hawaii rainbow house ( 8.7'' x 8.7'' x 7.9'' ), rainbow bridge ( 6.3'' x 2.8'' x 3.1'' ), fitness circle(4.9'' x 4.9''x 4.9''),swing(3.5'' x 2.8''), seesaw(7.9 ''x 3.5 ''x 2.6''), please check the size of your pets to make sure they can play with these funny and interactive toys(Our Improved Large Hawaii rainbow house is three times larger than the products on the market, and it will definitely fit your pet perfectly)
  • ❤Ecological Wood Material: Our hamster toys are made of high quality ecological wood. It is very environmentally, safe, no odor, non-toxic, light, durable and harmless to animals.The surface of the wooden products is polished, so the toy will not scratch your beloved pet, nor will it scratch you.
  • ❤Easy to assemble: The detachable design allows you to assemble and rearrange these wooden rainbow house and the bridge, will not take you much time to install them, and you can detach them into small pieces for easy storage and carry, will not take up much space of your house(Please refer to the picture and video ​on our Amazon website for installation)
  • ❤Apply to Small Pet: Ideal for syrian hamsters, totoros, guinea pigs, gerbils, squirrel, mice and other small pets. Lightweight and small size, convenient for storage. They can keep your pets fit, relieve extra energy and enjoy themselvesd
Luara Small Hamster Cage | Fun & Interactive Cage Measures Measures 18.11L x 11.61W x 14.8H & Includes ALL Accessories
  • Interactive Hamster Cage ; Laura hamster cage features fun tubes to promote playful and healthy hamster exploration of their habitat ; Hamster cage measures 18.11L x 11.61W x 14.76H, wire mesh is 5.25L x .5W and plastic base is 3.25 deep - inches
  • Great Starter Hamster Cage ; Laura hamster cage includes 1 food dish, 1 water bottle, 1 hamster hide-out, 1 exercise wheel and play tubes, everything you need to get started.
  • Easy Maintenance Hamster Cage ; A deep 3.25" plastic base contains bedding and can be removed to dump litter / etc. for routine cleaning, other plastic accessories and wire top can be cleaned with a mild, hamster-safe detergent
  • Convenient Top and Front Door Access ; Simply lift the top door to gain access to your hamster and the accessories for cleaning or food / water refills

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