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Finding the best budget battery operated pet water fountain is definitely important for them to gain fit. To urge on you find the right one, we analyzed the best-selling products on Amazon and other online retailers. We took into consideration several factors, which intensify ease of use, durability, weight capacity, and how much tell is easy to use in your home.

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Wireless & Rechargeable Battery Operated Cat Water Fountain,Automatic Cat Fountain with Automatic Infrared Sensing+Foodgrade 304 Stainless Steel Dish,Low Noise and Work Anywhere
  • 🐱【Long endurance and 5000 mAh rechargeable battery】:Built-in 5000mAh large-capacity battery,This pet fountain supports cordless use after charge, and corded use by plugging in,Battery life of 10-30 times a day is 45-60 days, and battery life of 30-50 times a day is 30-45 days,Work for 30 seconds after each induction.
  • 🐱【Transparent water tank +304 stainless steel】:The water tank is made of clean PC material, which can easily see the remaining water. The water storage basin is made of 304 stainless steel material, which can effectively protect the drinking health of pets.
  • 🐱【High precision infrared induction +TYPE-C TYPE-C charging port】:When the cat is near the water, it will automatically sense the work, which attracts the cat to drink more water to protect its health.The universal type-C charging port saves the hassle of finding different chargers.
  • 🐱【Self-developed water pump + multiple filtration】:Independently developed patent water pump, long working life and stable water outlet.Nano - scale ecological cotton and high - density filter to ensure clean water.
  • 🐱【Size and capacity】:2L/70ozWater storage capacity enough for 1-2 cats for daily use,The 192*171*154mm size is small and easy to place.Weight :0.95KG.
DownyPaws Wireless Cat Water Fountain, Battery Operated Automatic Pet Water Fountain with Motion Sensor, 84oz/2.5L Ultra Quiet Dog Water Dispenser Inside
  • A Stand-alone Water Fountain For Your Cat - DownyPaws battery-operated water fountain, with no attached cord, giving you more freedom to set it up wherever your pets prefer, like their playrooms, your kitchen, bathroom, windowsill, or beyond; encouraging your furbabies to drink more water. Moreover, there are no wires to trip over or get chewed on by those little mischief-makers. Safer hydration without any worries.
  • Superb Battery Life - With a built-in 4,000mAh rechargeable battery, the DownyPaws cordless fountain provides up to 30 days of fresh and clean water to your pets. Rest assured even during power outages or short trips. It's also super easy to charge thanks to the detachable design of the battery section, which is a self-contained unit that you can take apart to easily recharge.
  • Drinking Made Fun - DownyPaws cat fountain delivers a simulated faucet stream, in addition, in Motion-activated Mode, the water runs when cats approach(within 5ft/1.5m and 120º), which perfectly simulates cats turning on the faucet on their own, greatly stimulating their interest in drinking. Meanwhile, you can also switch to Timed Mode that releases water every 15 minutes for 20 seconds. Dual water modes are optional, meeting different needs.
  • Cleaning Is A Breeze - DownyPaws water fountain is BPA-free and helps prevent pet acne. All parts are easy to assemble and disassemble, makes it super easy to clean every corner without hassle. *NOTE: For the spout cleaning, rinse only, don't immerse the battery compartment in water.
  • Enjoy Every Sip of Fresh Water - The 5-level filtration system continuously provides fresh and healthy water to your pets. 1.Activated carbon removes bad taste and odor 2.Ion exchange resin could soften the tap water 3.Medical stone removes heavy metals and releases trace elements 4.Non-woven fabric could filter hair and impurities 5.The high-density sponge of pump helps remove fine particles.(Please search "B0BHDT4Z9Z" to buy the true filters)
Wireless & Rechargeable Battery Operated Cat Water Fountain, Kastty 108oz/3.2L Larger Quiet Automatic Cat Fountain with Smart 3 Flow Modes+Foodgrade 304 Stainless Steel Dish for Pets Inside or Outdoor
  • 【2 Power Options: DC power + Battery (4000mAh Backup) 】Built in 4000mAh large rechargeable battery instead of running on disposable batteries, which means money-saving, environmentally friendly, and hassle-free. This pet fountain supports cordless use after charge, and corded use by plugging in(5V/1A Adapter not include). These 2 options give you non-limitation locations where to position the fountain(indoor and outdoor).
  • 【3 Modes: Auto IR SENSOR+TIMER+Constant Flow)】 A thoughtful cat water fountain offers 3 mode options for different needs and situations. SENSOR mode start when pet approaches and stop when pet leaves, which saves power and extends the longevity of cat fountain, additionally, makes the backup battery last when cat fountain auto switches to battery supply once power fails. TIMER mode feed water 1min and rest 5min, which particularly suits the need for caged pets. Constant flow for multiple pets.
  • 【Filter Replacement Reminder】The filter replacement indicator will turn on when filter reaches to the life span to remind you of a change timely so as to avoid the filter being overused, which is the main cause to the growth of harmful substance in the water, faulty filtering and illness to a cat. The low power indicator will turn on red when low battery level to remind you to plug it in for working and charging at the same time, not have you wait for it to charge.
  • 【108oz Water Purification System】This 3.2L water fountain for both cats and dogs lasts longer than you travel per fill. The use of high-end coconut shell activated carbon filter ensures the strongest filterability of catching everything(hair, heavy metals, even the invisible), and drinking safety to your fur babies as the PP cotton layer and charcoal are all food grade. Plus, the stainless steel top is more hygienic, more durable and easier to clean(dish-washer safe) than a plastic top.
  • 【LONG-LASTING Pump: Quiet, Low Power, Auto Shut-off】 The true silence below 38db is the reason cats trust it and drink from it and cat parents can sleep soundly in harmony with it. The 0.3W ultra-low power and 5V low voltage saves big on electricity bill, works way safe, and outlasts all other brand on account of an superior motor, auto shut-off feature when lacking water and inbuilt pump filter to save the pump from blockage and damage.
uahpet Battery Operated Cat Water Fountain, 67oz/2L Automatic Pet Water Fountain for Cats, Dogs, Multiple Pets Inside or Outdoor(1/3/6pcs Filters)
  • EASIER—Cordless & Rechargeable Battery Operated: It is total no need to plug in, shake off the electrical trouble. uahpet cat water fountain has a high-capacity battery and the battery can be recharged, suitable for cordless multi-scene use. Never worry about cat run out of water during power-outage or short-trip. Retractable hidden anti-tipping bracket, effectively prevent cat knocking over the fountain.
  • SMARTER—Designed To Entice Their Natural Instinct To Drink: uahpet automatic cat water fountain induction water outlet by motion sensor. The cat water dispenser will release 30-35 seconds water automatically when pets into sensor area (5-8inches). Sound of moving water will attach cats’ interest, It effectively addresses cat don't like drinking water. You can switch to timed-mode by button, It releases water every 15 minutes in this mode.
  • SAFER—Eliminate Electric Shock By Leaking: uahpet dog water fountain uses the same water pump as human's coffee machine, so that can truly achieve separation between water and electricity, let your pet drink safe water where and anytime. Also, water and electricity separation make easy to clean drinking water tray and water storage bucket. Checking remaining water by transparent water tray easily, fill water in advance to avoid pet dehydration.
  • MORE SCIENTIFIC—No Touch Bottom & Whiskers Fatigue: It like a small pond. Prevent fatigue by whiskers touch edge of tray, water tray capacity up to 200ml and wide 5.5inches. Prevent cats' tongue touch bottom, It avoid makes cats worry about drinking unclean water by deep 0.39inches. The separation of water and electricity allows fountain capacity to real achieved 2L (67oz). Allow cats or small dogs to "binge drink" for 10 days.
  • HEALTHIER—6 Layers Circulating Filtration System: Pet water dispenser not just self-circulation to keep water clean, but fitted with a filter. It is made of Eco-Friendly Shell, KDF, Ion Exchange Resin, Quartz Sand, Coconut Activated Charcoal and Cotton. 6x Superior filtering system provides cleaner and healthier water to cats. We recommend that replacing the filter and filter sponge every 3-4 weeks. Filters can be purchased separately, search ASIN: B09YD7L8X2, please use with genuine.
Cat Water Fountain Battery Operated: Automatic Pet Water Dispenser Wireless Powered Inside for Small Dog Pet - 67oz/2L Water Bowl - Ultra Quiet Smart Pump by Motion Sensor - 30-60days Battery Life
  • Easy to Use – An automatic water dispenser designed for better quality of life for your pets. Set it up in a minute. Clean and maintain it without any cleaning kits. Raised water tray ensures good posture, so your pet doesn't have to bend down to drink.
  • Automated Pump – Cats prefer running water that is cool and fresh. The thermal motion sensor triggers automatic water refill by the pump every 30 minutess to avoid excessive refilling.
  • Quiet Operation – The dispenser operates up to 40 dB. No more annoying sounds that might disturb you and your pets.
  • Long Battery Life – Say goodbye to power cables that your pet might chew on or trip over, and avoid having to place it near a power plug. Charge for 3 to 4 hours and use for 30 to 60 days. Set and forget.
  • Large Water Tank with Filtration System – The 2 L water tank keeps your pet well hydrated throughout the day. The filtration system keeps the water clean and you can use any cotton pads instead of having to buy proprietary filtration pads. Great for the environment and your wallet.
Wireless & Battery Operated Cat Water Fountain, Infrared Sensored Pet Water Fountain, Whisper Quiet 67oz/2L Cat Fountain, Dual Power Convenient Cat Water Dispenser for Cat/Small Dog Inside or Outdoor
  • 【Auto IR SENSOR Mode + Normal Mode(constant flow)】AUTO mode: Fancy blue light turns on and water comes outs as your pet enters into the sensing area(sensing angle: 120°| sensing distance: 3.93ft), and shuts down when pet leaves. The added sensor helps save power and extend the longevity of the water fountain, especially makes the backup battery last when the cat fountain auto switches to battery supply in case of a power cut.
  • 【Battery Operated or USB Powered】Run on plug-in power for indoor use, or batteries for outside use, or both for the added battery backup feature: Load batteries and then plug in, it will default to DC power priority, but once a power cut occurs, it will auto switch to battery power supply and auto mode to continuously work with the least battery consumption to let you be absent as long as it possible(up to 30 days), with the peace of mind that pets’ water supply won’t be interrupted.
  • 【Filter Replacement Reminder】Kastty cat drinking fountains have thought of everything in design: The filter replacement indicator will turn on when filter reaches to the life span to remind you of a change; The low (battery) power indicator will flash when low battery level to remind you to arrange battery replacement in time.
  • 【Upgraded Water Circulation & Purification System】The use of high-end coconut shell activated charcoal filter ensures the strongest filterability of catching everything(hair, heavy metals, even the invisible), and the drinking safety to your fur babies since the PP cotton layer and the charcoal are all food grade. Even still, the stainless steel top, is cleaner, more hygienic and easier to clean(dish-washer safe) than a plastic top, and the locking lid helps avoid mess from tipping over.
  • 【Super QUIET +Low Power + Long Lasting Pump】The sheer silence(≤35db) of this water fountains make it the most friendly one that cats can trust and pet parents(especially light sleepers) can get used to while sleeping. 1W low power and 5V low voltage pump saves a ton more on the electricity bill and outlasts all other brand on account of an superior motor and inbuilt pump filter to save the pump from blockage and damage.
Wismika Upgraded Cat Water Fountain, 2.5L/84oz Automatic Pet Water Fountain, Quiet Electric Dog Water Dispenser Cat Water Bowl with Intelligent Pump and LED Indicator and 3 Filters for Cats and Dogs
  • 【Fashionable Appearance Design】Wismika pet water fountain features a woven basket design on the appearance. The design of the woven basket is more in line with the style of home life, and it plays the role of home decoration like a work of art. Moreover, our pet fountain comes in four different water flow designs, which are flower waterfall, bubbling waterfall, gentle flat flow, and normal bubbling. In terms of diversity, it surpasses most fountains on the market.
  • 【2.5L Large Capacity】The capacity of the Wismika cat water fountain is 2.5L, which is very suitable for small and medium pets, and does not need to pay attention to adding water. Staying hydrated is an important factor in keeping your pet healthy, and this water feeder can provide your pet with an adequate water even when traveling and business trip. Besides, the top fence also helps protect water spilling and our reliable 360°drinking direction design is ideal for multiple pets.
  • 【Ultra Quiet Water Pump】After continuous improvement, this pump is below 30 decibels and has almost no noise, ensuring your cats and dogs can sleep comfortably next to the water fountain. Meanwhile, it consumes very little electricity, and if the water level is too low, the indicator light will turn red, and the pump will automatically stop running. The water pump is connected to one blue LED light, which allowing you to clearly see the water level at any time without opening the lid.
  • 【Triple Filtration System】Wismika fountain filter is made of high density cotton, coconut shell, activated carbon and ion exchange resin. It can filter out impurities, remove peculiar smell, soften water quality and improve taste. The triple filtration system allows pets to drink fresher, cleaner water, keeping pets safer. There are three filters in each package, and we recommend changing them regularly based on usage. More cat water fountain filters are available in our store.
  • 【Easy to Assemble and Clean】Wismika pet water fountain can be assembled and disassembled in minutes, and it has a product instruction in every package. The plastic fountain is easy to clean and maintain and is also dishwasher safe. And there is an anti-slip silicone mat that keeps the fountain firmly on the ground and prevents mischievous pets from overturning the water fountain. Also, its large surface prevents cats from spilling water on the ground.
SORON Cat Water Fountain Stainless Steel, 74oz/2.2L Automatic Pet Cats Water Bowl Dispenser Inside, Ultra Quiet Dog Water Dish with Water Level Window, 3 Replacement Filters Kit and 1 Silicone Mat
  • 304 Stainless Steel Cat Fountain: Made from food-grade 304 stainless steel, this cat water fountain is durable, easy to install and clean, and dishwasher safe. Stainless steel is hygienic, BPA free, and safe for pets.
  • 2.2L Large capacity: The water capacity of this pet water fountain is 2.2L, which is enough for your cat and dog to drink at the same time. The dog water fountain is equipped with a water level window so you can easily see the remaining water and replenish it in time.
  • Triple filtration system: This cat fountain water bowl has 3 layers of filtration: the sponge layer captures cat hair and debris, the resin layer softens tap water, and the activated carbon layer removes odors. Circulating water not only keeps the water fresh, but also increases your pet's drinking interest.
  • Quiet sleep: This dog fountain contains an ultra-quiet smart pump that keeps the working sound below 30 decibels, so that you don't have to worry about the noise disrupting you or them.
  • Perfect gift for pet owners: This stainless steel cat water fountain has a non-slip device on the bottom, so you don't have to worry about pets knocking it over. If you encounter any problems during use, please contact us as soon as possible so that a professional after-sales team can solve the problem for you.
Battery Operated Cat Water Fountains. 2L/67oz Ultra-Quiet Automatic LED Dog Water Dispenser with 2 Replacement Filters & Smart Pump.Pet Water Foutain for Cats,Dogs,Multiple Pets.
  • 🐈SEPARATION OF WATER AND ELECTRICITY: The main components of cat water fountatin are all concentrated in the separable upper part which is fully enclosed, and the water outlet method is changed to pumping which could preventing power leakage.At the same time, the design method makes it easy to clean.
  • 🐈AUTOMATICALLY SENSES PETS AND ATTRACTS THEM TO DRINK: Auto IR SENSOR Mode, when your pet enters the sensing area (2-6 meters), a water fountain will automatically discharge water for 20 seconds. The sound of water will attract curious pets to come. According to the cat's drinking habits, After the water is discharged once, it will sleep for 30 minutes and then re-open the induction.
  • 🐈TRIPLE FILTRATION SYSTEM: The pet water fountain is equipped with 2 replacement filters,each composed of activated carbon, ion exchange resin and non-woven fabric, forming a triple filtration system,keeps water better tasting and safer for pets
  • 🐈BATTERY OPERATED,LARGE CAPACITY: Automatic cat water dispenser has a water capacity of 2 liters, which means that it is great for small to medium-sized pets.Transparent sink can clearly see the amount of water left. The cat water fountain designed wireless,battery-powered,freeing up the use of the site. If the power goes out at your house, your cat or dog can still drink water.
  • 🐈RUNS ULTRA QUIETLY & EXTRA LONG DURATION: Low-decibel silent design, It makes barely any noise. Charge once, use time up to about 30 days. The lithium battery sets up a protection plate when the detection of safety problems will automatically power off.
Cat Water Fountain, 88oz/2.6L Ultra Quiet Pump Cat Drinking Waterer with 2 Large Filters 8 Levels Circulating, BPA-Free Automatic Pet Visible Water Level Dog Water Dispenser, Cat Water Bowl
  • 🐱[8 Level 360° Filtration Ecosystem] TBCPET cat water fountain is equipped with 2 filters, each composed of PP cotton layer, coconut shell activated carbon, ion exchange resin and high density cotton. High density cotton could catch cats hair and debris, the ion exchange resin could soften the tap water, the activated carbon could remove bad taste and odor that provides fresh and clean water to pets.
  • 😻[Ultra Quiet Pump(< 30 dB)& Protection] Gives you & your pets a sweet sleep that you wouldn’t notice the water fountain is on. 0.5W Low consumption pump which means that it normally lasts more than 2 years! It will auto shut down the pump to save it from running dry and burning out when lacking water, and save the pump from blockage and damage.
  • 😽[Cute Flower Design & Visible Water Level] Running water will definitely lure your pet into drinking more water,and no more wet mouth. The transparent window makes it easy to monitor the pet's overall water consumption. Made of quality PP resin, this automatic water bowl is BPA free, durable, and it’s easy to operate and clean.
  • 😼[2.6L/88oz Large Capacity Pet Fountain] It is great for small to medium sized pets like cat, dog and bird. The large water capacity can drink up to 10-12 days. The circulation system helps provide healthy and hygienic water for beloved pets all day even when you are out. 180ml emergency storage capacity provides enough water for your pet all day even without electricity.
  • 😺[2 Flow Designs & 2 Water Speed] The cat fountain combines flower waterfall and spring surge modes, could adjust different speeds to fulfill the need of different pets to encourage pets to drink more. The streams aerate the water for added oxygen,freshness and keep water cool. Make the little ones like drinking water by getting a TBCPET water fountain.
Petmate Fresh Flow Rain Battery Fountain for Cats and Dogs, 75 oz
  • KEEP CAT OR DOG HYDRATED WITH FRESH WATER-Circulates water for your pet to keep water fresh and not stagnant Holds up to 75 ounces of water to ensure your pet has enough water
  • BATTERY OPERATED – First fully battery-operated fountain in the market No Cords, outlets or limitations on where to place the fountain
  • MULTIPLE DRINKING POINTS –It pulls the water from the bowl up to the top and the water cascades down into the water receptacle. Pets can drink from the bowl, from the top and from the water flow out of the receptacle
  • BATTERY SAVING TECHNOLOGY – the pump turns off automatically to conserve battery life – and restarts after a period of time to repeat the filling of the water receptacle
  • FRESH, FILTERED WATER – the Fresh Flow Rain includes a filter to filter debris from the water being brought up through the tube
EOX Cat Water Fountain Stainless Steel, 3.2L/108oz Automatic Pet Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser Water Bowl with 3 Replacement Filters, Ultra-Quiet Pump, 1 Waterproof Mat and 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 304 Stainless Steel: EOX cat water fountain is made of premium 304 stainless steel, which is BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, healthier and more durable than its plastic or ceramic counterparts. Also, replacing plastic water dishes with smooth-surfaced dishes like stainless steel helps to resolve chin acne for your beloved cat.
  • Double Filtration System: This pet water dispenser's filter system consisting of activated carbon filter and sponge filter can not only effectively soften water and remove odors but also filter most impurities and hairs, providing your pet with a clean and healthy water source.
  • Ultra Quiet Water Pump: Our stainless steel cat fountain is equipped with an ultra-quiet water pump that runs at less than 20dB, equivalent to almost no noise, which allows you and your pet to have a good rest even at night.
  • Large Capacity and Double Outlet Design: This 3.2L/108Oz stainless steel cat water fountain with its double outlet is eminently suitable for a family with multiple pets, which can provide about 14 days of water for a 12lbs cat or 9 days of water for a 20lbs dog. It is widely known that running water contains less bacteria and it can lower the risk of getting kidney disease and urinary track disorder. Also, it is important to clean your fountain regularly for the safety of your pet.
  • One Year Warranty: Dear customers, if you encounter a lack of accessories, product damage or other problems, please feel free to contact our customer service. We will help you solve the problem immediately.
Meowant Cat Water Fountain with Wireless Pump, 74OZ/2.2L BPA-Free Certified Cat Fountain, Ultra Quiet Pet Water Fountain for Cats and Dogs with Filter
  • 【Certified BPA-FREE】Made from BPA-free materials, Meowant dog water fountain ensures the safety of drinking water for all pets. You can check the certificate in the product guide.
  • 【Wireless Water Pump】Safty and convenience are bolstered with the wireless water pump, no wire in the water and keeps you from having to thread a wire out and back in when cleaning.
  • 【Unique Design】With separate base, the power is in the base which detaches from the bowl, which allows you to lift the water tank with no unplugging necessary.
  • 【Absolutely Silent】Designed to re-address the low noise level of water fountain for cat, Meowant reduces noise to 30dB with sophisticated circulation system, barely hear even on quiet nights.
  • 【Effective Filtering】Included ion exchange resin and activated carbon, the filter tight fit of the groove that does not allow any water flow past it, ensures good filtration and superior longevity.
Crystal Cat Water Fountain Stainless Steel, 100oz/3L Pet Fountain with Intelligent Pump and LED Light, 3 Replacement Carbon Filters and 1 Foam Filter(Grey)
  • High grade stainless steel is durable, hygienic and dishwasher safe. It is easy to observe the water level through transparent fountain wall. Food grade material and BPA free cat fountain is safe for your pets.
  • The pump is whisper-quiet and stays below 40 decibels. Low-voltage pump is reliable and easy to maintain. Intelligent pump prevents the pump from running dry and extend the lifespan of the pump.
  • The circulating filtration system uses a replaceable filter to purify the water, remove dirt and food particles plus a pre-filter sponge to catch the hair and debris. Crystal Cat Fountain comes with 3 replacement filters instead of 1. No need to purchase filters immediately.
  • A source of running water encourages pets to drink more rather than still water. This fountain has 3 different drinking modes. It provides more options for your pets and attracts them to drink more water.
  • Wonder Creature pet fountain only takes a few minutes to set up. Disassembling for cleaning and maintenance is easy.
Ciays 70.4oz/2L Cat Water Fountain Automatic Induction Water Dog Water Fountain with Battery & Power Cord Powered Pet Water Fountain Bowl with Stainless Steel Drinking Tray for Pets, White
  • SENSOR & NORMAL WATER MODE: Auto IR Sensor Mode helps to save power and extend the longevity of the water fountain, the fancy blue light turns on and water comes outs as the pet enters the sensing radius(sensing angle: 120°| sensing radius: 3.93ft), and shuts off when your pet leaves. You can switch to normal endless flow mode.
  • DC POWER & BATTERY BACKUP POWER: The dual power backup function(load batteries then plug in) will perform the battery backup feature: automatically switch to the battery power supply and auto kick in case of a power cut, thus giving you the peace of mind while you’re sleeping soundly or not at home.
  • AUTO SHUT-OFF PUMP WITH LED LIGHT: When the water level is low, the pump will automatically stop working to protect itself from burning out, at the same time, the LED light turns red to remind of a refill. LED light glows dim blue while working, which is good to help see water level easier in the dark, yet comfortable to your eyes(a great plus for light sleepers).
  • 304 Stainless Steel: The cat water fountain is made of 304 stainless steel, which is more durable and corrosion-resistant. BPA-free and dishwasher safe, easy to clean. Say goodbye to messy water bowls and constant refilling. All parts are easy to assemble and disassemble so that you can clean the drinking fountain and replace filters effortlessly.
  • CAT WATER FOUNTAIN OF HEALTH: Cats are naturally drawn to running water. Three water flow modes provide your cat with fresh running drinking water. Increase your cat's water intake to maintain that healthy goodness. CIAYS cat fountains can be a delightful way to entertain your companion.

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