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American Standard 2034.314.020 Champion 4 Toilet with Toilet Seat Elongated Chair Height, White
  • BEST-IN-CLASS: The American Standard Champion 4 toilet is the very best in clog-free performance, producing a faster, more powerful, yet quieter flush that can move a 70% larger mass than a standard toilet
  • CONVENIENCE AND SIZE: Our elongated Chair Height toilet feature a convenient 16-1/2 in. rim height and 12 in. (305 mm) rough in to enhance your ease of use and comfort and is 100% factory flush tested
  • FLAWLESS DESIGN: American Standard toilet has a contemporary one-piece design has a 2-3/8 in. (60 mm) fully-glazed trapway and includes our revolutionary EverClean surface that inhibits the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew
  • HIGH EFFECIENCY: At 1.6 gpf (6.0 lpf), this American Standard Normal Height toilet ensures you save water without sacrificing performance and power with the inclusion of an elongated siphon action jetted bowl.Flush Technology: Gravity Fed
  • INCLUDES: Also included is our color-matched American Standard Champion slow-close toilet seat for a quieter, more peaceful household; additionally features a 4 in. (102 mm) non-adjustable, piston action Accelerator flush valve
American Standard 288DA114.020 288DA.114.020 Toilet, Normal Height, White
  • Ultra high efficiency toilet (UHET) uses 1.1 GPF (4.2 LPF)
  • High efficiency, low consumption, and WaterSense certified.Flush Technology:Gravity Fed
  • EverClean Surface. 2 color matched bolt caps
  • Siphon jet bowl technology with PowerWash rim
  • Seat is not included
American Standard 2887218.020 2887.218.020 Toilet, Normal Height, White
  • Siphon jet bowl technology with PowerWash rim provides optimal UHET performance
  • Seats sold separately
  • Limited lifetime warranty on chinaware
  • Limited five year warranty on all mechanical parts
  • Dual flush 0.92/1.28 gpf H2Option for maximum water savings
American Standard 2851A104.020 Town Square S Right Height Elongated One-Piece Toilet with Seat, White
  • LXP (Luxury Performance) toilet
  • Coordinates with the entire Town Square S Bathroom Collection
  • One-piece design eliminates areas where dirt and grime build up
  • PowerWash rim scrubs the bowl clean with every flush
  • Chair-Height bowl for added ease and comfort
American Standard 2548A100.020 Studio S Right Height Elongated Low-Profile Toilet with Seat, White
  • BEST-IN-CLASS: The Studio S Chair Height Low-Profile Toilet from American Standard is a sleek, tankless design that boasts advanced features that similar low-profile models lack, including our exclusive, innovative PowerFlo flushing technology
  • PERFORMANCE: This American Standard toilet has one waterway that flows through the CleanCurve rim that eliminates space where dirt can hide while a second waterway goes directly to the toilet bowl jet to clear the bowl quickly and completely
  • FLAWLESS DESIGN: The contemporary design on this American Standard Studio S Chair Height toilet is sleek and seamless with smooth skirted sides that conceal the trapway. 12 in. (305 mm) rough in. Coordinates with the Studio S Collection
  • HIGH EFFECIENCY: Chair Height Elongated toilet uses just 1.0 gpf (3.8 lpf) to completely clear the toilet bowl. Quieter than most comparable toilets, it requires no batteries or electrical power, and uses a standard bathroom inlet water connection
  • INCLUDES: Also included is our American Standard slow-close toilet seat for a quieter, more peaceful household. Limited lifetime warranty on chinaware; limited five-year warranty on all mechanical parts; one-year warranty on seat
American Standard 2988101.020 Cadet 3 FloWise 2-Piece 1.28 GPF Single Flush Right Height Round Front Toilet with Concealed Trapway, White
  • Combination bowl and tank, with seat
  • 12" (305 mm) rough-in
  • High efficiency, ultra-low consumption (1.28 gpf/4.8 Lpf), utilizes 20% less water
  • Meets EPA WaterSense criteria
  • 16-1/2" (419 mm) rim height for accessible application
American Standard 204AA105.020 Edgemere Height Elongated Toilet with Right-Hand Trip Lever, White
  • Combination toilet bowl and tank
  • EPA WaterSense Certified
  • Polished Chrome Toilet Handle included
  • EZ Install Tools Included for easy installation
  • EverClean Surface to keep the bowl
American Standard 2467016.020 Cadet Right Height Elongated Pressure Assisted Toilet, 1.6 GPF, White
  • Combination bowl and tank, less seat
  • 12-Inch (305mm) rough-in
  • Pressure assisted siphon jet action
  • EverClean surface inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface
  • Elongated 16-1/2-Inch rim height for accessible applications
American Standard 735122-400.020 Cadet 10 Inches Toilet Lid for Right-Height and Compact Models, White
  • Toilet tank cover only
  • For use with Cadet right-height and compact models
  • Durable Vitreous china Material
  • Beautiful White Finish
  • Dimensions: 17x7.25x2
American Standard 2462016.020 Cadet 1.6 GPF 2-Piece Elongated Toilet with 12-in Rough-In, 30.25" Length x 20.5" Width x 29.25" Height, White
  • BEST-IN-CLASS: The Cadet Two-Piece Elongated toilet from American Standard combines power, comfort and smart design in a seamless, one piece style
  • CONVENIENCE AND SIZE: Combination elongated bowl and tank includes a standard 15 in. (381 mm) rum height, 2-1/8 inch (54 mm) fully glazed trapway, 12 in. (305 mm) rough-in, and 10 in. x 12 in. water surface area
  • FLAWLESS DESIGN: .American Standard toilet features a two-piece construction with a revolutionary EverClean surface that inhibits the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew with pressure-assisted siphon jet flush action
  • HIGH EFFECIENCY: At 1.6 gpf (6.0 lpf), this American Standard Elongated Bowl toilet ensures you save water without sacrificing performance and power
  • INCLUDES: This American Standard Cadet Two-Piece toilet also includes a close-coupled flushometer tank, a chrome-plated metal trip lever, and two color-matched bolt caps; recommended working pressure range 25 psi - 80 psi
American Standard 215DB.004.020 Cadet Pro 1.6 GPF 2-Piece Round Front Toilet with 10-in Rough-In, Large, White
  • Features the Cadet Flushing System
  • Vitreous china
  • Low consumption (6. 0 Lpf/1. 6 gpf) toilet
  • Trade exclusive tank
  • Power Wash rim scrubs bowl with each flush
American Standard 212AA104.020 Retrospect Champion Pro 1.28 GPF 2-Piece Elongated Toilet with 12-in Rough-In, Large, White
  • Features Champion Flushing System
  • Vitreous china
  • High Efficiency Toilet (HET), ultra-low consumption (1. 28 gpf/4. 8 Lpf), utilizes 20% less water
  • Meets EPA Water Sense Criteria
  • Trade exclusive tank
American Standard 215DA004.222 Cadet Pro 1.6 GPF 2-Piece Round Front Toilet with 12-in Rough-in, Linen
  • Features the Cadet Flushing System
  • Vitreous china
  • Low consumption (6. 0 Lpf/1. 6 gpf) toilet
  • Trade exclusive tank
  • PowerWash rim scrubs bowl with each flush
American Standard 211AA.104.020 Champion PRO Right Height 12-Inch Rough-In Elongated Toilet Combination Less Seat, White
  • ADA Compliant Water Efficient WaterSense Certified Speed Connect EverClean
  • High Efficiency Toilet (HET) Operates at Ultra Low Consumption Rate of 1.28 Gallons Per Flush
  • Meets EPA Water Sense Criteria
  • Power Wash Rim Scrubs Bowl with Each Flush
  • Includes EZ Install Tools with Color Matched Bowl Caps
American Standard 270DA001.020 Cadet 3 Round Front Two-Piece Toilet with 12-Inch Rough-In, White
  • 12-INCH ROUGH-IN β€” Measurement from the finished wall to the center of mounting holes on the floor flange
  • INDUSTRY-LEADING WARRANTY β€” Lifetime warranty of chinaware, 5 years on mechanical parts, and 1 year on seat
  • POWERWASH RIM β€” Scrubs the bowl clean with every flush
  • LESS SEAT - Toilet seat is sold separately
  • FINISHING TOUCHES β€” Includes color-matched bowl caps and trip lever

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