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  • How to test the value of precious metals using an assay

    As you may know, precious metals (or any other precious metal) are incredibly useful for a lot of things.They are used in jewelry, medicine, and even some things like food.The problem is that, like gold, they can also be very hard to come by.So if you’re interested in finding a lot more value for your […]

  • Klutch gold mine close to completion, construction underway

    A Klutch Gold Mine in eastern Idaho is close to completing construction and will have a commercial operation by late summer, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management said Monday.The B.L.M. said the mine has been designated as a special use area.It is located about 50 miles southeast of Boise, Idaho, and about a half-hour drive […]

  • Bluebird’s Silver Eagle is one of the biggest selling precious metals

    Bluebird Silver Eagle Silver is a rare and precious metal with a history of the U.S. Silver Bullion Market.The Silver Eagle was introduced in 1932 and has seen extensive growth in its price in recent years.The Bluebird was created by Bluebird Mining Company in 1934 and has an annual production of approximately 30,000 ounces.The bluebird […]

  • ‘Mystery of the Ancient Egyptians’ is ‘the best mystery story of all time’

    The mystery of the ancient Egyptians is still being unraveled, and a new film by British film-maker James Ivory is the subject of the best mystery stories of all-time.It is called ‘Mysteries of the Ancients’ and it was presented at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts’ (BAFTA) Awards, and features some of the […]

  • How to collect rare and valuable metals on a shoestring budget

    We are all familiar with the concept of a jeweler’s apprentice or jeweler in chief who has the full set of the material at their fingertips to begin work.There are many different types of jewelers, but the one that we tend to associate with this type of job is a jewelers apprentice.A jeweler apprentice has […]

  • How to buy a gold bracelet with just your phone

    There are so many different things you can buy with your iPhone that I’d be willing to spend hundreds of dollars just to buy one of each.The iPhone 5 is the best-selling smartphone in the world right now, and the Apple Watch is the hottest new smartwatch.But it can also be a bit overwhelming at […]

  • How to Find the Best Value in Sorting Your Gold

    Sorting out which precious metals to buy is a bit of a mystery, but one that can be simplified by using a simple chart:  Which metals are worth more or less than another? If you’ve ever purchased a precious metal like gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, you may be thinking to yourself: “Well, what if there’s […]

  • FourFour Two: How precious metals can be used to make more money

    A new article shows how precious metals such as gold can be sold for as much as $5 billion a year, and even more.In a report released today by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the agency said it had identified at least $6.6 billion in potential market value for these commodities since 2013.Gold was […]

  • How to get your precious metals ring back

    Rare metal rings are not only a wonderful accessory for those of us who cherish and protect our precious metals, but they’re also a wonderful gift for anyone who loves the outdoors and loves the company of friends.Here are seven things you should know about precious metal jewelry and how to get it back.1.You Can […]

  • When gold is no longer a precious metal, what will replace it?

    GOLD and silver are both precious metals.Both can be used to buy gold bullion, and both are highly valuable.But while silver is now widely used to purchase jewelry, gold is still the most widely used precious metal worldwide.That’s because gold and silver together account for about one-fifth of all the world’s physical gold.So when it […]


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