Klutch gold mine close to completion, construction underway

A Klutch Gold Mine in eastern Idaho is close to completing construction and will have a commercial operation by late summer, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management said Monday.

The B.L.M. said the mine has been designated as a special use area.

It is located about 50 miles southeast of Boise, Idaho, and about a half-hour drive from the Boise airport.

The mine will be operated by Klutch Mining and Engineering LLC, which owns the property, said B.M., which said the project is in its early stages.

The mine will likely open by fall 2019.

The project has been the subject of criticism from conservationists who say the mine is a threat to endangered species and a potential mine for toxic waste.

Klutch mining has been involved in a long legal battle over how to manage the Klutch property.

It had hoped to use the land to develop a mine, but that plan was rejected in a 2008 court case.

The Klutch mine was developed by the Kluthers.

The company is seeking an order to halt the federal land-use review.

The case is in U..

S, not U.K., court.