Rare metals from the past – a rare gem

Posted May 11, 2018 06:37:14This is a rare find from the 1940s.

It was found on a small island off the coast of northern India.

The coin was minted by a family in the area.

It was made of platinum, and has a diameter of .002 millimetres.

The silver and gold coins were minted in a series of four denominations – one cent, one rupee, one pound and one gram.

This is an incredible find.

The coins were used by traders and jewellers for many years.

They are also very rare coins in the British Museum, with only two known in the world.

One coin is about 1.25 millimetre thick and was mint in Delhi, while another was minting in the same area in the 1950s.

This coin was produced in India in 1947 by a group of businessmen.

The other is minted at Kolkata, India, in 1954.