How to shop for diamonds in the world’s most precious metals

The world’s best gold is a scarce commodity, but how much of the world can you really afford to spend on it?

That’s what this week’s episode of the new podcast, The Best of Pandora explores.

The podcast’s host, Pandora Holmes, explains what it takes to be an expert in precious metals and the ways they can be spent in different contexts, and gives advice on how to maximize your investment in your favorite assets.

You’ll also hear the latest news on the best gold prices and what to do when you find one.

Listen to the episode below.

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The best gold price, gold prices, and bullion prices are all discussed in this week, as well as the best way to buy gold when you want to save.

Pandora Holmes also gives tips on how you can trade gold for cash, including the most common ways you can convert gold to dollars and the safest way to do it.

Pandora Holmes is a partner at the law firm of Covington & Burling.