Archies precious metals market continues to be buoyant

Archies platinum, palladium, gold, silver and copper prices have all recently surged higher, while precious metals prices have also increased significantly, as the precious metals bull market continues.

Gold prices have been surging, as it has surged since the start of the year.

In the last week, gold prices have increased from $1,200 an ounce to $1.29, a 10 percent increase, and silver prices have risen from $2,100 an ounce down to $2.03, a 26 percent increase.

Silver prices have jumped from $0.73 an ounce up to $0,93, a 7 percent increase since the beginning of the month.

Archies platinum has been the most volatile, rising 17 percent since the end of September, while palladium prices have surged by 20 percent in the same period.

Platinum prices are up about 25 percent since last month, while platinum prices have more than doubled since the first quarter of 2017.

In total, gold and silver markets have jumped by more than 2,000 percent since August, according to data from CME Group, while copper prices are nearly double that amount.