How to get your precious metals ring back

Rare metal rings are not only a wonderful accessory for those of us who cherish and protect our precious metals, but they’re also a wonderful gift for anyone who loves the outdoors and loves the company of friends.

Here are seven things you should know about precious metal jewelry and how to get it back.


You Can Get It Back Even If You Don’t Sell the Ring The rules of the game are simple.

If you don’t sell the ring, you can get it returned.

The best way to get the ring back is to give the person who purchased it to you a receipt or send the item back to you with the instructions below.

The only exception to this is if you bought the ring from a retailer that has a return policy.

If they don’t, you’re free to return it to the retailer.

Once you have the receipt, it’s up to you to get an original or certified copy of the receipt or a certified copy signed by a trusted jeweler to get a certificate of authenticity.

The return receipt should contain: the original or a certificate from a jeweler verifying that the ring is original