Sell precious metals trainers to Hawaii

Sell precious metal trainers to Hawai’i, the biggest gold-producing state in the U.S., as more investors turn their attention to gold.

The Hawaiian Gold Dealings (HGF) is hiring a handful of trainers, and offering an introductory class on precious metals for $5,000.

Hawaii Gold Dealors Association President Mike Schmid says there’s a lot of interest in the sport of gold mining in the state.

Gold prices have fallen dramatically in recent months and many locals are looking for ways to save up for a trip to the mines.

The trainers will teach gold mining basics and how to safely store and protect precious metals, he said.

Gold prices have been falling, Schmid said.

And the number of people interested in buying gold has doubled in the past year, to a record 6.4 million people.

The deal is an opportunity for the state to get more people to explore gold mining, he added.

“It is one of the most beautiful places in the world and it has a lot to offer to the country,” Schmid told The Associated Press.

“There are a lot more people looking for that opportunity to be part of that.”

Gold dealerships are the most popular source of investment opportunities in Hawaii, with sales up 10 percent from last year, according to the state’s Gold Dealers Association.

The industry employs about 15,000 people, making it one of Hawaii’s fastest-growing industries.HGF also offers a similar training package to train people on gold mining safety, as well as training on how to properly store precious metals.

Hawaiian Gold Deal, which began operations in 2009, has a total of 9,000 members, including 10 trainers and 1,000 gold-miners.

The company has a presence in four states, including Hawaii.