Why did people die in London this year?

Londoners are more likely to die from heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease and cancer than the population as a whole, according to a report published by the Institute of Public Health.

The study, which used data from more than 5,000 people, found that more than one in four people in London died from cardiovascular disease and more than three in four died from respiratory disease.

It also found that people living in London were more likely than those in other major cities to be overweight, obese and have high blood pressure.

The findings come as experts from across the UK are warning that Britain’s NHS has been overwhelmed by an influx of new patients from across Europe.

“In a short space of time, the number of people arriving in England has increased by over 50 per cent and this has made the NHS increasingly reliant on international health agencies to deliver healthcare services,” the report found.

“It is vital that the UK has a strong and vibrant international partnership with the NHS, as we need to remain on the front line of fighting the pandemic.”

It comes as a number of countries across Europe have announced plans to phase out their own NHS services, such as France’s plan to end care for people with mental health problems and Germany’s plans to scrap care for those with cancer.

Last week, British Prime Minister Theresa May pledged to make “no exceptions” for people who have been exposed to the coronavirus.

She said: “We are absolutely determined to keep the NHS running as well as the people who rely on it.”

The report found that Londoners were most likely to be exposed to coronaviruses than the rest of the UK population.

In 2016, Londoners had the most serious coronaviral-related hospitalisations, followed by the West Midlands, East Anglia and North East London.

The UK is currently facing the worst-ever outbreak of the virus.

According to the NHS National Coronavirus Control Strategy, a total of 17,942 people died from coronavires in England in the year to December 31.

Of those, 7,854 were in the capital, and the other 6,946 were in rural areas, the report said.

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