When the best quality diamonds can’t break the $100k barrier

Platinum is the gold standard in jewelry, and now it can also be found in the hands of the people.

Sam’s Gems has just introduced the world’s first affordable platinum earrings, the Diamond Pearls.

Sam’s gemstones are sourced exclusively from the best gem suppliers in the world, including Bijou, and are designed to be as beautiful as the real thing.

The diamond Pearls come in three different sizes, which are the perfect size for most people.

Sam also has two more affordable diamonds, the Pearls XL and the Pearl XLII, both of which come in a smaller size, but have the same material and quality as the Pearles.

The Pearls have a unique twist, which is that they are made with the most beautiful diamonds ever found in an earring.

The Diamond Pearles XL and XLII come in two colors, white and gold, with a combination of platinum and sapphire that makes them even more beautiful.

Sam will be offering the Pearllies XLII and Pearllie XLIII on September 10, with an estimated retail price of $139.99.

The price tag is a bit steep for earrings that are so much more than the price of a single pair of earrings.

The Pearls will be made in Japan and are currently available only in white.

Sam will be making more of these diamonds in the future.

The company has also announced that it will be adding more Platinum to the Pearl Series, which will include the Pearlla Platinum, which can be purchased for $79.99 at Sam’s.