God, the Devil, and the Witch of Endor

A New York Times story today says the biblical story of the demon lord Lord Voldemort is the most popular of all time.

According to the article, which is written by a senior editor, “Lord Voldemort’s followers and allies claim that he is not only a myth, but a myth with a deeper meaning than anyone has imagined.”

The article says “there is nothing more terrifying than being a hero or a villain and knowing that one is lying, but no one is ever going to see that lying.

Lord Voldemort’s story is about the power of belief, not about how to believe.”

The Times story is the first article in a three-part series by a Times reporter on Lord Voldemort, titled “The Legend of Lord Voldemort.”

The first part of the series is titled “Lord Vlad the Impaler: His life and career.”

The second part of this article, “The Last of the True Lords,” will appear in the Times next month.

It will explain why Voldemort is not a myth but a legend.