The best silver bullion coins from all three continents

Gold coins from the three continents are all priced at more than $1,500, according to an auction house.

The average bid for gold coins in the US and Canada is $1.18 each, the lowest price in more than a decade.

The auction house also found that silver bullions from Asia are priced at $1 each and gold coins from South America at $2.80.

Gold coins from Asia range from a low of $6.40 to the highest of $13.85 in Australia, while silver coins range from $3.90 to $9.10 in Canada.

In gold and silver bullionic, the cheapest coins are the $1 silver coins from China and Hong Kong.

Silver coins from Africa are $2 to $5 each and the cheapest silver coins are from South Africa at $5.60 each.

The auction house found that the cheapest gold coins are in the Americas at $0.60 to $1 and the least expensive gold coins were in Africa at the lowest of $1 to $2 each.

The cheapest gold and copper coins from India are $0 to $8 and the lowest silver coins were from the United States at $10.30 each.