When you want to put gold and silver into your precious metal putty

An Egyptian billionaire and a London-based jeweler are hoping to transform their precious metal into gold and a rare, precious gem that is the most valuable of its kind.

The company, Osiris, is launching a new line of putty products, called the Osiris Gold Putty, and is planning to introduce gold and precious gemstone to the market in the next five years.

The company, which started in 2015, is now expanding its focus to gold, silver and platinum.

Osiris, which is based in the Egyptian city of Suez, was founded by the billionaire Mohamed Al-Hassan, who was formerly president of the Egyptian National Oil Company.

Al-Haas, the company’s CEO, says the business is focused on the supply chain of the precious metals and on making it accessible for everyday people.

“For us, this is about making gold and gold putty available in everyday use,” he said.

“This is what we’re trying to do.

There are many things we’re working on.

I think we’re close to launching the first production line for gold and platinum putty in 2017.

We’re very proud of what we have created here. “

I hope we will be able to create a new gold and putty market in Egypt.

We’re very proud of what we have created here.

We hope that the world will take notice of our project and the world’s love for these precious metals.”

Al-Haasy said the company has started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which has already raised more than $2.5 million.

He said he is optimistic that people will embrace Osiris’ products, but that it will take time to fully realize their promise.

“We need to build trust and build the confidence in people who are investing in this business,” he told TechCrunch.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty, and we need to work very hard to get to a point where the people who invested will trust us.”

Al-Has said the focus is on making the products affordable, but also offering the company a unique and special experience for its customers. “

The idea is that we create a place where people will trust you, and then we’ll sell them products that are worth more than what they’ve invested.”

Al-Has said the focus is on making the products affordable, but also offering the company a unique and special experience for its customers.

He said the Osiris Gold Putter is designed to protect against scratches and wear, and will be easy to use.

Al-‘Hassanyi said he hopes people will also appreciate the difference between gold and pure gold.

“[The Osiriss gold putter] is different than gold putts, and you can’t put it into the washing machine.

It’s not something you could put into your toilet,” he explained.

In a video interview with TechCrunch, Al-Hoas said he was inspired by gold-plated tools, saying that a gold-like substance could be applied to the gold and then it would be perfectly protected.

“There are some precious metals that have gold-colored crystals, but you cannot put gold into the same way,” he joked.

When Al-haas and Al-Hasan started their company, they hoped to create the best gold-filled tools for people, Al Haas said.

But, he said, there is a limit to how much gold can be produced and that has caused an economic downturn in Egypt in recent years.

They also wanted to make their products available to the general public.

After years of development, the companies has just started to bring its products to market.

Al Haasy said he has been working with his partners and investors for about a year to create products that would be safe and affordable to everyday people, while maintaining their artistic quality.

Al Haas hopes to have the first batch of Osiris Putty products on the market by the end of the year.

The gold and its associated products are being marketed to the public through a series of advertisements, and Al Haassanyh said that the company is looking for investors who are interested in investing in their business.

He expects to have production lines up and running by 2020.