How to save up on precious metals with gold and silver stocks

Posted July 06, 2018 08:15:01 Gold and silver metals are among the biggest drivers of investor sentiment in Australia.The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) recently announced it would be closing its precious metals stocks market.This is not a decision that is popular with investors, but the decision is one that many are taking.In fact, it is […] →Read more

Gold and silver prices rise to $US10,000 on global market

Gold and Silver prices have risen by more than 20 per cent since the beginning of the year, hitting their highest levels in more than six years on Tuesday.The rally is driven by a global market in which demand for precious metals is expanding.The benchmark US dollar index has climbed to 1,988.21 US cents, up […] →Read more

When is a gold and silver bracelet a premium item?

The gold and diamond industry has been trying to answer this question for some time now.Gold and silver bracelets have long been a premium purchase for the most part, and some even come with an embedded security.But now, with new regulations, the world’s biggest buyers of precious metals are going to have to decide if […] →Read more

How much does a Polyak coin buy at a dealer in China?

A rare gem in the Chinese marketplace is a coin of precious metal.Vanguard has a rare gem of a coin, worth around $1,000 in China.The rare gem was acquired by a dealer at a mint in the city of Dongguan, China.It’s a rare coin that has been made up of a copper alloy and a […] →Read more

A rare gem of a metal band

The metal band from Utah was once a household name, but now they’re being replaced by another rock band.A rare find from Utah’s precious metal reserve has been found by archaeologists, who claim it may have been buried with precious metal.The band was a band called “The Wild Ones” that had a massive fanbase.Their first […] →Read more

How to trade gold and silver in Singapore

Singapore is the gold and platinum capital of Asia, but it’s not the only place where you can get a gold and/or silver fix.Aussie gold and metal expert and columnist David G. Anderson says there are plenty of places where you could buy precious metals with the proceeds of your gold or silver investments.Gold and […] →Read more

Gold prices rise to $2,800 a troy ounce as traders look to lock up a bargain

The dollar index advanced to a two-month high against a basket of currencies, but the gold price fell to a new record low, as traders rushed to lock in an early profit.The dollar traded at about 85 cents US, up $1.10.The index ended above 84 cents US.The gold price is up 2% this year.The Dow […] →Read more

When Your Favorite Coins Are Going To Disappear: A Review of the New Gold Bullion Market

Now that gold bullion has become one of the hottest markets in the world, investors are wondering when it will be a thing of the past.But a few years ago, it was an all-or-nothing proposition.That is changing, and investors may find it easier to put their faith in gold and silver bullion if they know […] →Read more

When is it a good time to buy precious metals?

Allianz is planning to use its common stock for an array of purposes, including the purchase of gold and silver and other commodities, including precious metals.Allianza is currently buying about $500 billion worth of gold, platinum and palladium in a new offering.All the companies’ shares are traded on the Nasdaq.All of the companies are publicly […] →Read more

Why the global gold price is ‘very much down’

Gold futures fell as much as 3.2% Tuesday after the U.S. central bank raised interest rates and lowered its key benchmark rate for the first time in four months.The move comes as investors brace for more supply from emerging markets as the global supply of gold continues to shrink.Gold prices fell as low as $1,200 […] →Read more