How to find a good precious metal for your future

As precious metals prices rise and gold is in a bull market, gold could be a good buy for your retirement savings.But you can only buy so many precious metals at a time.Here’s a list of what you can expect to see in 2018.Alaska’s gold boomThe state’s gold production is in decline.The Alaska Department of […] →Read more

What the heck is an Pravana?

In May, Prava, a leading maker of precious metals detectors, posted its third quarterly loss in three years.The company reported that it sold 3.9 million units, or about 12 percent of its total market share.The results are a reflection of the growing popularity of the metal detector that’s been popular with teens and young adults […] →Read more

‘Biggest buy’ of 2018 on Wall Street as ‘Gold’ futures fall $5.20 to $3.85

The price of gold has dropped to its lowest level in more than six months after the US Federal Reserve announced a stimulus plan, and investors are now taking a more cautious approach to buying the metal.Gold futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange, or NYMEX, have been losing ground against the dollar for months, […] →Read more

‘Viva Charlotte’ star, former NBA player, wants to make $3 million for her album release

Viva Charlotte’s new album, ‘Velvet’, is now out on vinyl.The album was released on January 10th and features the song ‘Famous,’ written by the former NBA star, Klay Thompson, as well as two more tracks by Charlotte, ‘I’m Not the One’ and ‘All About You’.Charlotte was the first African American to win a NBA championship […] →Read more

How to buy precious metals and smelter products in Australia

You can find precious metals in Australia, but if you’re in a hurry, you can buy them online.You can even buy gold.And you can find smelting metals in China, but only at local bars and jewellers.But if you are looking to buy a tonne of gold, you’ll need to visit a gold dealer, who will […] →Read more

Gold prices plunge as Chinese demand for precious metals hits record highs

Gold is on track to be the most expensive metal on the market for the first time in years. And the demand is not just for the metal itself, but for its raw material.China is expected to produce more than half of all the precious metals mined in the world this year. “There is so much demand, […] →Read more

How to buy precious metals: The good, the bad and the ugly

The Good: Gold is the gold standard.There are only a few precious metals that can be bought with gold, and it’s often used in jewelry.There’s a wide range of quality, so it’s easy to find a gem that you’ll be able to wear for years.The bad: Some precious metals aren’t very stable, and they can […] →Read more

How much gold are you buying?

What are you paying for precious metals?Some people may not be aware that precious metals are considered to be valuable.Here’s a look at what you’re paying for in precious metals and how much you’re actually paying. →Read more

New study finds no connection between gold and health

MONEX, Utah — A new study suggests that no link exists between gold-bearing metals and health or longevity.The study, published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, looked at the effects of a diet rich in plant-based foods, such as legumes, grains, and vegetables, on mortality, biomarkers of inflammation and cardiovascular disease in healthy individuals.“We were […] →Read more

How to buy precious metals online without the hassle of buying them at physical stores

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